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Looking for a good car workshop or a recommended car workshop in Singapore?

AVANTAGE VAG IS Trusted by Thousands of Happy Customers

We're a continental car specialist and full-service workshop for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda and other car makes, providing professional servicing and repairs, car body repairs, engine and gearbox tuning, performance upgrades, accident reporting and spray painting.

If you've been searching for a car workshop near me, we have 3 automobile service locations in Singapore, at Toh Guan in the Jurong East area (WEST), Sin Ming (NORTH), and Kaki Bukit in the Ubi area (EAST). Our car bodywork, accident repair and car paint specialist CarCrafters is located at Toh Guan and our 24-hour towing team operates 7 days a week including Sundays and Public Holidays.

Thousands of car owners in Singapore say my car workshop when speaking about us to their family and friends, and keep us working hard to be one of the best workshops in Singapore. We’re respected for our technical expertise, trusted for honesty and professionalism, and complete over 15,000 jobs every year with genuine parts, factory-standard tools and procedures, and sincere pricing. AVANTAGE Club members enjoy a 2-year warranty on almost all repair jobs.

Come find out why we’re trusted by thousands of happy customers.

AVANTAGE VAG Stands For Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

We decided to commence our continental journey with a second hand C180. Prior to this we have always been Japanese car users. Needless to say, as excited as we were about getting our first continental car we were also nervous. As you would have heard the usual pros and cons of having a Japaneses car versus a continental car. We did our home work and decided to bring the cars to VAG.

The first car looked great. Both on the exterior and the interior. Brought it in to VAG West. Liaised with Darren from VAG. Made an appointment. Met with Azizi from VAG. Told me to relax at their main office which is super clean and comfortable with a lounge area, while he brings the car for the assessment. Staff always walking around with a smile. Beautiful. Being the eager beaver that I was at that point of time, I decided to walk across to their workshop. A stone throw away. Pleasantly surprised. A very organised and clean workshop. Fast forward, the entire inspection took about 90 mins. Afterwhich, Azizi came to get me with a break down of what was inspected and their verdict of the car. Everything done was explained to me and also clearly shown in black and white. Itemized. End of it the mechanic who worked on the car advised me straight up best not to buy the car as it had some engine issues. Explained to me the steps required and cost involved from the simplest possible corrective action to the worst case scenario corrective action and cost. Amazing. Yes it took 90 mins, and yes it cost us 120SGD but the peace of mind VAG gave us, priceless.

After about a week, brought a 2nd car. Same deal and package. This time we went with a car that had lower ownership and mileage on the car. Once again made an appointment, brought it in, got it inspected. This time around met Ryan from VAG through Azizi. They car of course had the usual wear and tear. More concerning were the errors encountered specifically on the after market battery being used. Ryan broke it down to me verbally. What are the wear and tear and how much it will cost. Likewise, for the error codes from the battery and the cost involved. We decided to put the wear and tear aside and work on the error codes from battery. VAG did another round of assessment, based on the deduced solution and was able to confidently conclude no more issues/error codes. Advised us of the steps required to be taken and the cost that will be involved. VAG kept me abreast on their own accord promptly and concisely. They even advised me this is a good car should I decide to pursue this further. They also itemized the required corrective actions for both usual wear and tear and the error codes. Agreed to proceed with all the required corrective actions and resulting payments. Everything is broken down, simplified, and itemized in black and white when explained to you. Transparency. They use original parts and will be covered for 1 year. If you are a member it will be covered for 2 years. Once again the peace of mind they sell to us car users, priceless.

VAG is refreshing to be at for a garage in Singapore. Its clean, organised, and professional. VAG really puts service before sales. Premium service. A company is only as good as the people who makes up the company. Darren, Azizi, Ryan, & Eugene to me made up VAG and worthy of this long ass positive review because thats the least I can do for the amazing and tireless job they did once again to provide us the most important thing when getting a car. The peace of mind. The peace of mind we have a good working machine. Till the next 10K or for any other modifications guys, thank you once again and god bless.


Pir Omar

Pir Omar (by email, Apr 2020)


Waiver of own-damage standard excess for DirectAsia policy holders when accident repairs are done at AVANTAGE VAG. 

Valid for all car makes and models - you do not need to be an existing customer of AVANTAGE VAG.


Genuine Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen parts, or more specialised Porsche, Bentley SEAT or Skoda parts. Factory-standard tools, computerised diagnostics equipment and every repair covered with a warranty of up to 2 years, parts and labour inclusive.

Audi Parts

Specialist automotive workshop Services

Servicing & Inspection

Factory-compliant servicing with same-day turnaround using genuine parts, top-grade lubricants and specialist tools. 

Our pre-purchase inspection service for used cars is also very popular and is available at 3 convenient locations.

Repair & Overhaul

Meticulous repairs and complex overhauls by specialist technicians using genuine parts and factory-supplied tools.

Thousands of car owners stay with us because we repair only what's necessary and provide a 2-year warranty on repairs.

Facelift & Retrofits

Upgraded navigation, electronics, safety and convenience features can be fitted if theyre missing from your car.

Our dedicated retrofits team is a globally-respected centre of excellence for electronics upgrades.

Audi Retrofit Singapore
Performance Tuning

Working with top European tuning houses, we optimise engine and gearbox tuning for our hot climate and harsh urban conditions. ​

Get AVANTAGE Tuned today and rediscover why we'd rather drive than be chauffeured.

Car Tuning Singapore
Gearbox Repair & Tuning

Gearbox tuning optimises your gearbox electronics for your driving requirements, engine output and clutch condition.

Don't live with irregular shifting or a lethargic gearbox - you deserve better.

Gearbox Repair Singapore
Insurance & Accident Repair

Our 3 workshops are authorised reporting centres and we're professional accident repair specialists.

Remain restful - we'll do whatever necessary to get you full restoration.

Car Accident Repair Singapore

genuine performance car parts


Navigation, MMI and radio, parking sensors and cameras, adaptive cruise control, auto trunk opening and more - all retrofitted to factory standard.

Power & Performance

Power upgrades to match up with ECU and gearbox tuning - upgraded performance for spirited B-road driving and the occasional track session.

Intakes & Exhaust

Clean, cold air for your power plant and unrestricted exits for exhaust gasses complete the power package for experienced drivers.

Body Styling & Lighting

Aerodynamic upgrades for improved handling and airflow dynamics, paired with enhanced aesthetics tastefully selected for premium cars.

Wheels & Brakes

Your brakes only need to save your family once to be worth your investment in quality components and attention to timely maintenance.

Drivetrain & Suspension

You choose not to be chauffeured for a reason - regain composure, confidence and comfort with upgrades that restore to you the joy of driving.

Driver Assistance

Features your car should have left the factory with, but didn't - you'll love our factory-standard retrofits for the many electronic systems in your car.

Interior & Security

Personalise and update the private space you call your driver cockpit with quality upgrades keep your car safe from prying hands and eyes!

Looking for a recommended workshop in singapore?

Reliable, Trustworthy, Dependable and Helpful

Every motorist needs a reliable, trustworthy, dependable and helpful workshop that will be there in times of need and know that when help is rendered, they will not be taken advantaged of with overcharging and conned into doing unnecessary things for their car. If u are looking for one such workshop, VAG is the place to go to.My car broke down due to overheating and Andrew was there ready to help. After my car was towed to the workshop, I was away in Australia for a family holiday and one of the most humble and friendly workshop specialist Ernest took charge of my car repairs, updating me via pictures, what’s app messages how my car was doing and did his job splendidly without doing unnecessary repairs.It is the trust and friendship built that made VAG my number one choice for my car.Keep up the good work guys

YauWei Ooi (facebook, 23 June 2019)

I Found a Workshop I Can Trust!

I came across VAG from the internet and decided to try out this workshop after my warranty ended. My car coolant was leaking and the red warning light was lit and I was worried.Calling up VAG’s service line, the advisor calmed me down, gave me a couple of steps to take and booked me an appointment at VAG North at Sin Ming. At the workshop, I found Aaron the Service Advisor very knowledgeable as he explained the services my car required. This gave me great comfort as I was worried moving out of VW. He kept me informed of the progress and delivered the car as promised at the end of the day. His team also took the effort to thoroughly inspect the car and spotted several trouble spots which I was thankful. The next day I was back to compete an optional service recommended by Aaron. I went back to VAG because I now knew I found a workshop I can trust

Anselm De Souza (facebook, 17 April 2019)

Highly Recommend This Workshop – Professional & Passionate

Just wanted to drop a note to highly recommend this workshop. The team at Avantage VAG is a team that is not just professional but passionate about the cars they work on. This was experienced personally by me when I had the pleasure of interacting with 3 of their staff members; Faiz, Jay and Ryan.All 3 staff took the time to get to know me and the needs and considerations of my car. Whether it was Faiz advising on OEM parts for my vehicle, Ryan on servicing and repair or Jay advising on performance and aesthetic upgrades for my car, all of them were warm, friendly, highly competent and worked together as a team to provide their best possible care and attention to both me and my car.The 3 gentlemen were patient and knowledgeable and addressed all my concerns and queries I had. This left me with the strong assurance that Avantage VAG was the best possible workshop to look after and improve my car.Equally important, I am extremely pleased with the quality and timely work rendered to my car. The work of their technicians is meticulous and of the highest standards.Competant workshops in Singapore abound. However, Avantage VAG is one of those rare workshops that not only provides excellent professional service but goes the extra mile to build long term relationships with their customers to truly understand their needs for their car/s and thus, render a superior service experience built on a relationship of trust. This sets them apart from the rest.

Nigel Kaw (facebook, 9 Dec 2018)

Very Happy & Satisfied Customer

Dear Sirs,I m Dexter here, vehicle owner of SM*36**D.I would like to leave a compliment for VAG North Arron & team through this feeback channel because i dont have a facebook account.I was recommended by a friend of mine to send my newly purchased pre own car for inspection at VAG North because of its unbiased reputation i guess.On the 1st inspection, they discovered a car battery monitoring unit (CBMU) fault and took time and effort to explain to me about the fault and reassured me that my car would be all good 99% usually after replacement of the CBM according to their past work experience.Upon replacement of the CBMU, another fault surfaced out of everyone's surprise. Without any fluster, Arron and the team took on the pain and task to micro trace the root cause and ultimately resolving the issue.Kudos and really appreciate the whole team's persistence and hardwork.Left as a very happy and satisfied customer.Thanks.Best rgds,Dexter

Dexter Siow (email, 6 Jul 2019)

Amazing Team – Keep Up The Superb Job!

Had recently adopted an A7. Joy of joys! It’s a very compelling companion, able to drive me from point A to point B with ease. It brings smile on my face every time I see, I go in and start it up. I wish to keep this joy all the way to the very last day of its COE. Keeping it running as good as it looks is my ultimate goal. Knowing that you have you have a support team behind you (VAG). Everyday, confidence is slowly building up after the recent checks and replacement of essential parts.Thanks to Aaron (eloquently describes certain issues and provides a very meaningful pointers to keep in mind) and his amazing team who had looked after it during my first ever visit. Keep up the superb job guys and bless you all!

Jeffrey Corpus, Audi A7 (facebook, 3 Oct 2018)

Factory Standard Sets VAG Apart!

Factory standard was used as your USP, and this was by no means an exaggeration but a confirmation. This particular standard is what sets VAG apart from the competition in a saturated and small market that is Singapore.Big compliments to the Avantage VAG North team, especially to Aaron for the professionalism displayed in explaining every detail to me.I had no qualms signing up for the Avantage Club membership on the spot as it was immediately clear where my car will be sent for all future maintenance needs.Please keep up the good work!Best regards, – VW Golf owner, via email on 03 September 2018

Ben (via email 3 Sep 2018)

Passion & Sincerity Is So Refreshing

Helpful and knowledgeable service staff. Their passion and sincerity is always so refreshing and it’s always such a pleasure every time I’m here.

Stanley (facebook, 7 Sep 2018)

Been Looking For A Workshop Like This – Customer First

Been looking for a workshop like this. Customer First. Great service, know what they are doing, quick and concise. No fuss at all.Joined as an Avantage Club member and will be frequenting them for my R8 needs!– via facebook reviews on 31 March 2018.

Le Messie (via Facebook 31 Mar 2018)

The outcome was beyond my expectation!

Sent in my Audi S5 to Avantage North branch for multiple works plus a major service and I was more than happy with the work done. Ernest and his team diagnosed all the problem accurately and gave me comprehensive recommendations and options. the list of works was long but they kept it very organised and updated me step by step throughout the week. The outcome was beyond my expectation! Highly recommend AVANTAGE if you do care about the work being done on your car ???

Henry Woon (facebook, 29 Oct 2019)

Knowledgeable & Experienced & Provide An Excellent Service

Aaron and his team at the North are knowledgeable and experienced and provide an excellent service. The servicing and repairs are expertly completed while I waited in the comfy lounge. The job was done timely and they heard the car to ensure all is well before handing it over to me. Well done guys.–VW Golf owner, via email in July 2018.

 James (via email Jul 2018)

Great Experience! Very Satisfied – Recommended!

Great experience! Aaron from VAG North was friendly, reliable and prompt.The workshop replaced several wear-and-tear parts and put on a set of new PS4S tyres in just 1.5 days. Very satisfied that my car is super smooth and quiet again. Recommended!via facebook reviews on 23 November 2018

Li Yi (facebook, 23 Nov 2018)

Patience, Commitment and Professionalism

Kudos to Darren and VAG West team for their patience, commitment and professionalism.Despite asking tonnes of questions, Darren had been very patient with me. He even went all out to arrange appointments for me just to suit my schedule. Had a few minor issues but resolved very promptly and professionally. Two thumbs up! Excellent service and highly recommended. – via facebook reviews on 14 Feb 2018.

Kenny H. (via Facebook 14 Feb 2018)

Impressed With Service & Attention To Detail

Impressed with the service, attention to detail and giving me the right solution from Day 1. Special thanks to Ernest for going the extra mile, always so patient and appreciate the long chats, your boys are awesome in their care for my car.Eugene, Darren for your prompt responses and expertise, keep up the good work team VAG West & North! Can’t wait for my recharged Audi!!– via facebook reviews on 15 Dec 2017

Alvin Y. (via email 15 Dec 2017)

Exceptional Quality, Paintwork Is Outstanding!

Exceptional quality! The paintwork is outstanding and the same if not better than factory. VAG/CarCrafters takes good care of the interior as well during my respray. Definitely the shop to go to for facelift and /or respray!! Very happy with their work!!- via facebook reviews on 10 November 2016.

Desmond Goh (via Facebook 10 Nov 2016)

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LOOKING FOR a car repair workshop nearby?

Our car repair specialists at 4 convenient locations provide servicing, repair, and accident reporting 9am-6pm Mondays to Saturdays.


Service, Tuning & Accident Reporting Centre

48 Toh Guan Road East, #05-135 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 608586


Service & Accident Reporting Centre

160 Sin Ming Drive, #04-17 Sin Ming Autocity, Singapore 575722


Service & Accident Reporting Centre

8 Kaki Bukit Ave 4, #02-11 Premier@Kaki Bukit, Singapore 415875


Spray Paint, Bodyworks, Accident Repair & Grooming

48 Toh Guan Road East, #05-155 Enterprise Hub, Singapore 60858


Trusted and highly rated by thousands of happy car owners in Singapore, AVANTAGE VAG provides servicing, repair, tuning, and a full range of specialist car services at 4 convenient locations in Singapore. Our technicians are guided by factory-spec tools and our repairs with genuine parts are warrantied for up to 2 years.