Stop paying motor insurance excess!

Enjoy a full waiver of $900 own-damage standard excess if you have a DirectAsia motor insurance policy and any accident repairs are carried out by AVANTAGE VAG.

Zero excess benefit is only available through our referral link.

Valid for ALL car makes & models!

DirectAsia Authorised Workshop Singapore

Enjoy ZERO EXCESS even if you're not our existing customer!

With every DirectAsia motor insurance policy you enjoy:

  • ZERO EXCESS: Waiver of $900 own-damage standard excess when accident repairs are done at AVANTAGE VAG.*
  • PROFESSIONAL REPAIRS: Complete restoration by a professional team you already trust.
  • GREAT VALUE: No need to pay extra for the “My Workshop” option (also known as "any workshop"). Just select "authorized workshop coverage".
  • ALL MAKES & MODELS: No limitation on which car you own. 
  • ALL CAR OWNERS: No need to be our customer to enjoy this promotion.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Only available at AVANTAGE VAG. Use link below to enjoy a specially negotiated DirectAsia motor insurance quote.

* ZERO EXCESS will be clearly stated in your policy schedule once you have received your policy documents.