Eisenmann Exhaust Systems

Eisenmann Exhausts Volkswagen VW Golf R mk7

Eisenmann exhaust systems are available for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes & Volkswagen. Whether you choose the roaring, high performance Race exhaust system or the excitingly sophisticated Sport exhaust, Eisenmann assures you the very best of European quality. Look no further if you want the best from one of today's leading European exhaust manufacturers! 

About Eisenmann

Eisenmann hand crafts their exhaust systems since 1988 and carry their traditions into the 21st century. The engineering team has been an innovator in the exhaust manufacturing industry for years and continues to offer it’s clients the latest in computer aided design as well as lab analysis and testing. As a result, Eisenmann continuously earn contracts as the original equipment suppliers to Porsche, Mercedes, Rieger Tuning and many other major firms.

The luxury European car owner who is proud of their car will surely turn heads due to the aggressive tone of the exhaust. Each exhaust system is made from stainless steel and is manufactured to factory specifications. Additionally, each exhaust design combines the latest technology with handmade and top quality craftsmanship. The result is an exhaust that fascinates the senses with its performance, style and sound. Above all, Eisenmann exhausts elevate the driving experience to a whole new level!

Features of Eisenmann Exhaust Systems

  • Increases power and torque
  • Minimal interior cabin drone
  • Sonorous sound for more driving fun
  • Sporty design that enhances the looks of your car
  • Handmade through a complex development process
  • EC general operating license(LTA approved) or as a sound-optimized RACE version

Eisenmann exhaust systems are available exclusively from AVANTAGE VAG Singapore. Check in with us for applications and availability as most exhausts are hand made to order. Install your exhaust systems confidently with AVANTAGE VAG, Singapore's number one workshop that provides quality workmanship.

Eisenmann Exhausts Gallery

Eisenmann Exhausts BMW m5
Eisenmann Exhausts Audi R8
Eisenmann Exhausts Volkswagen VW Golf R mk7
Eisenmann Exhausts Mercedes E-Class W207
Eisenmann Exhausts
Eisenmann Exhausts

AVANTAGE VAG Singapore is the importer and authorized distributor for several internationally recognized exhaust manufacturers. We choose to work with multiple exhaust brands because we recognize that different brands meet different needs. You want something street legal? Only for the race track? Just to look better? Or for maximum hp increase? We have several exhaust brand options for your car - AWE Tuning, Akrapovic, Bastuck & Caractere.

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