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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul. If you don’t find your question answered, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!


Is it possible to get even more power out of the engine than what you offer with the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?
Sure, but our goal is not to get the maximum out of your engine. Instead, our objective is to achieve an optimal combination of performance increase and fuel efficiency without overloading the transmission. For more intensive tuning applications, VAG offers customised tuning.

My car is brand new. Is it advisable to install the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?

During the run-in phase, which is required by the manufacturer, there should be made no performance increases. In a phase where the piston rings are not yet grounded on the cylinder running surface, an increase of the maximum combustion pressure would cause an increased likeliness of engine damage. Therefore, we recommended that any tuning be performed after your car has been properly run in.

Is tuning with the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul harmful for the engine?

No. Our performance increase uses the tolerances given by engine developers, and there will be no harmful effects on the lifespan of your engine, the transmission and other transmissioning devices. All relevant mechanical limits are specified before developing a performance increase and fixed in the tuning specification sheet. The average thermal liability of the devices remain in the approximate sector of the original device.

Will the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul be visible to technicians during an inspection?
The VAG Tuning RennTech Modul could of course be recognized by an expert if a thorough engine inspection is performed. But it will not generate engine fault codes, nor will it be detected when reading or erasing other fault codes. And once the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul has been removed, it will leave no record and be completely undetectable.

Why don’t the vehicle manufacturers offer this performance increase in the factory?
Without doubt the vehicle manufacturers have the best engineers – but they pursue other goals! Efficiency, emission standards, classes of insurance, fuel quality, mechanical tolerances and extreme climatic conditions are just a few points that constrain the engineers in factories. In contrast our performance change is an individual adaption to your mechanical conditions by utilise all tolerances given by the manufacturer.

Will my turbodiesel pass the exhaust emission test after installing the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?
Definitely! Professional tuning doesn’t impair emission values. There could even be documented improved emission values with commonrail-types of diesel engines.

Can I still  use biodiesel in my diesel engine with the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?
If your engine is approved for biodiesel use by the manufacturer, no damage will be caused by the tuning. But it is important to know that your engine can lose up to 10% power because of the lower fuel value of biodiesel.

Is cold starting affected after installing the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?

Your vehicle will operate at factory standard in all respects, with the exception of the engine power when you push the accelerator.

Is there an individual VAG Tuning RennTech Modul for particular vehicles or do you use standard devices for all engines?

Each VAG Tuning RennTech Modul is programmed for a specific engine, and because it works within the factory ECU map all power increases are within the upper limits prescribed by the manufacturer for that specific vehicle.

How much will my top speed and 0-100 km/h time change with the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?

Unfortunately, deriving accurate and reproducible information for every vehicle is not possible, due to the extreme variance in tyre types and speedometer tolerances. That’s why we only document reproducible parameters: Power and Torque.

Is there anything I have to pay additional attention to after installing the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?
No more than with a standard vehicle. The service intervals required by the manufacturer have to be observed. Other activities that you should be responsible for like regular checks of the engine oil level and monitoring the quality of the engine oil should never be neglected. Engines of turbocharged vehicles need to be warmed up extensively before demanding full power. Also the engine needs to cool down adequately after extended driving. Observe these basic rules and your engine will thank you with trouble-free performance.

Is there a need to make modifications to the transmission control system after installing the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul?
Generally the higher torque produced doesn’t cause any problems to automatic transmission. Due to the fact that the acquisition of torque occurs through the CAN-BUS signal, the VAG Tuning RennTech Modul doesn’t cause any problems in vehicles with an internal torque control. Furthermore, we carefully observe the safety limits of your engine’s transmission when developing our tuning maps, to ensure no harm will come to your gearbox.


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