AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Repair, Calibration & Tuning

VAG Singapore provides specialist DSG gearbox calibration, tuning and repair services for Audi and Volkswagen in Singapore, as well as specialist DSG support to gearbox workshops internationally.

VAG is the only gearbox tuner that provides specialist gearbox remapping specifically developed for Audi Stronic and Volkswagen DSG gearboxes. 

VAG DSG calibration includes updated firmware for your gearbox.

VAG DSG Calibration - Benefits You Can Feel

VAG's DSG gearbox calibration has been proven in hundreds of Audi and Volkswagen gearboxes:

  • Removes juddering at low speeds.
  • Eliminates judder at low rpms.
  • Eliminates late switchback (a noticeable delay before reverse gear is engaged)
  • Super fast and smooth gearshifts
  • Launch control, auto-shift bypass and increased redline


Our upgraded shift program solves a lot of the factory driveability issues. Here are some additional features you will love in VAG DSG tuning:

  • Modified D - Drive mode for better drivability (gear closely matched to engine load & vehicle speed) – less lag & hesitation
  • All new software is based on the newest VAG version
  • Longer life of gearbox & clutch packs, less clutch slip
  • Modified launch control RPM
  • Increased torque limiter & clutch holding pressure
  • Re-activate first gear for low speed driving
  • 6th / 7th gear rpm matched (ie: 80kmph in 6th not 7th)

VAG DSG Calibration - Superior to DSG Tuning

BEWARE: Many lesser so-called "DSG tuners" merely hack into the DSG gearbox software and modify the gear shift points, then turn around and assure you they have provided complete "DSG tuning". This is less than ideal and will give you a mere fraction of the benefits the VAG DSG PowerTune calibration can provide.

At VAG, we work with the best in the gearbox business - TVS Engineering - to provide full DSG CALIBRATION, which involves two distinct and separate steps:

STEP 1: VAG Calibration first removes all problems associated with the original Audi/VW gearbox - juddering, jerkiness, hesitation, etc... 

STEP 2: VAG Calibration then improves your DSG gearbox performance by carefully adjusting the many technical parameters that control shift behaviour.

VAG DSG Calibration - Options

VAG provides two calibration options for DSG gearboxes:

  • VAG DSG Performance Calibration for modified/upgraded cars. VAG DSG Performance Calibrationfor selected Audi Stronic and Volkswagen DSG gearboxes is developed in collaboration with THE leading European engine and gearbox specialist, specifically for chip tuned, remapped and modified cars. It can be specifically set up to optimize for big turbo upgrades or other performance modifications in your Audi or Volkswagen.
  • VAG DSG Standard Calibration for stock (unmodified) cars.VAG DSG Standard Calibration is recommended for ALL Stronic and DSG gearboxes on Audis and Volkswagens.


VAG also repairs and services manual gearboxes, Multitronic, R-tronic, and automatic transmission units.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore


VAG Calibration for All DSG Gearboxes

In addition to the more specialized gearboxes, some of the common gearboxes that we calibrate include:

  • DQ200 & DQ200MQB - Dry clutch 7 speed (Golf TSI, Scirocco, Polo, Audi A1)
  • DQ250 & DQ250MQB - Wet clutch 6 speed (Golf GTI, Scirocco, Audi A3, S3, Skoda VRS etc
  • DQ500 - Wet clutch 7 speed (Audi TTRS, VW Tiguan)
  • DL501 and DL501 Gen2 - 7 speed longitudinal (Audi A4, S4, A5, S5, Q5, RS5)


At VAG a full range of transmission services for VW, Audi, Skoda and Porsche are available, including:

  • Transmission replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Solving frequent DSG problems
  • DSG software adaption, improved smoothness and faster gear changes. Shift point recalculation.
  • Launch Control optimization
  • Replacing faulty DSG components
  • Adapting the DSG behaviour to the preference of the customer, in all different specification with different settings.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore 

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VAG Singapore can solve any issue you may face in your Audi or Volkswagen Stronic, Multitronic, DSG or manual gearbox. Speak to a VAG DSG specialist today.




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