Get a New Car Without Buying One!

Written by John Conrad Lee and sent by email on 17 October 2022

If you're thinking of buying a new car but find current market prices unsustainably high, you're not alone!

With uncertain economic conditions ahead, why not consider what other savvy car owners are doing and upgrade your current ride? A simple refresh makes a world of difference!

Audi A4 Allroad Wheels

You can’t tell but this rare Audi A4 Allroad is almost 10 years old! It’s one of many cars we’ve kept in like-new condition over the years.

Here’s what you can do to restore your own car too, without breaking the bank!

Renew your suspension

Your car's entire weight is borne by the suspension, which wears out with every passing mile and speed bump. Modern cars should never feel harsh or bouncy unless your suspension has deteriorated with age.

Simply replacing the coil springs and dampers will noticeably improve ride comfort and aid fuel economy. Remember to also replace any worn rubber bushings as these isolate you and your passengers from undercarriage vibration and noise.

Suspension Upgrade Singapore

We supply and professionally install all genuine factory suspension components, with AVANTAGE Club members enjoying a 2-year parts and labour warranty. We also carry reputable performance brands such as KW, Bilstein, Ohlins, Sachs and H&R if you're after a sportier ride.

Refresh your car inside and out

If you love the soft feel of new leather, why not enjoy a renewed interior without buying an expensive new car?

Start by having your car's interior professionally cleansed and disinfected. Lingering odours and germs are eliminated with ozone treatment, an inexpensive and effective way to keep your car fresh and hygienic.

Car Ozone Treatment Singapore

Leather can be cleansed, conditioned and nourished back to life. Then consider a complete respray to remove every single ding and dent and restore that coveted showroom shine (just in time for CNY 2023)!

At CarCrafters, we only use factory-grade German paints, so all you need to do is decide: What colour do I want?

Upgrade your in-car entertainment

If you aren't already using wireless CarPlay or Android Auto, you can unlock apps like Spotify to stream music from your phone, navigate with Waze or Google maps, or have Siri help you reply WhatsApp messages while you drive!

BMW CarPlay Upgrade Singapore

AVANTAGE SmartBox adds wireless CarPlay or Android Auto to your current car. No need to buy a new car just to get your phone and car talking to each together!

Improve power for a better drive

If your car is wanting for power, consider our comprehensive tuning options for increased power or improved fuel efficiency.

A Stage 1 remap of your car's ECU is both safe and effective, and proven in hundreds of cars on the road. Stage 2 and 2+ remaps are available for even more power with upgraded engine hardware.

Tuning Box Singapore

Our plug-and-play Tuning Box remains a popular alternative, and Sprintbooster works well to remove lag and sluggishness from your accelerator.

Save On Motor Insurance

Whatever the age of your car, nobody wants to fork out a hefty excess when you may not be at fault. That’s why we’ve worked hard with DirectAsia to offer a zero-excess benefit that removes the co-payment normally required for motor insurance claims.

Best workshop Singapore

Use our referral link to get a no-obligation quote - DirectAsia is giving away an attractive cash bonus of up to $100 for the next few days!

That's how you can enjoy a new car without buying one - by investing in the car you already know and love!

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