Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase inspection Singapore

Our professional pre-purchase inspection service has helped hundreds of used car buyers in Singapore to buy a pre-owned car with confidence, especially premium continental makes where top-notch maintenance is critical. 

Whether or not your car has a service history with AVANTAGE VAG, our inspection service will identify hidden faults and maintenance issues that may affect your purchase decision.

This service is also highly recommended if you're intending to renew the COE on your car. 

What's included in the pre-purchase inspection service?

Our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection is carried out by trained technicians and includes the following:

Computerised Diagnostics

Comprehensive fault-detection using factory-grade diagnostics equipment to detect intermittent faults that may not yet manifest as visible symptoms. 

Wear Assessment

Detailed vehicle condition assessment by our technical inspection team to detect potential failures and advise on repairs that may be required in the near future.

Roadworthiness Test

On-road roadworthiness test by experienced assessors to determine drivability when the car is moving and assess on-road behaviour.

Accident Damage Assessment

Accident damage assessment focusing on detecting signs of major accident damage to the chassis and undercarriage.

Trusted by discerning Singapore car owners

Here's how our pre-purchase inspection service differs from standard vehicle inspection services.

  • Accurate and detailed diagnostics using factory-grade diagnostics equipment to pick up engine and gearbox faults that generic testers are unable to detect.
  • Detailed repair quotation for any faults detected, to determine the right price to pay for the car and to be aware of potential repair costs.
  • Extensive experience with continental cars - we're trusted by thousands of continental car owners in Singapore!
  • Personalised advice based on inspection results

Best of all, if you ever need any repairs, we provide a comprehensive 2-year parts and labour warranty if you're an AVANTAGE Club member!

Purchase your car with confidence!

Buying a used car in Singapore is a major investment decision and counts among the most stressful episodes in a car owner's life. Our pre-purchase inspection service takes approximately 1.5 hours and will help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Thousands of car owners in Singapore enjoy peace of mind when they buy their cars - you can too!

Click here to book a pre-purchase inspection at any of our 3 locations.

Our 'No Conflict of Interest' Policy

AVANTAGE VAG was founded on the principles of honesty and professionalism. This is why we will make a full and complete report of all findings from our inspection directly to the party that books the service, even if an intermediary drives the car to our workshop.

All components in a used vehicle experience wear and tear, and our duty is to check and report on the condition that the car is currently in. This means that even if requested we will not suppress information or erase faults that we pick up. 

Join thousands of happy car owners in Singapore

3 convenient workshop locations

2-year repair warranty for AVANTAGE Club members

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