AVANTAGE VAG Custom Big Brake Kits

Custom Big Brake Kits by AVANTAGE VAG offer an outstanding balance of on-track and daily on-road performance. Precision engineered from the finest materials and built specifically in the factory for your vehicle, these direct replacement bolt-on big brake kits combine excellent pedal feel, track-ready braking performance, customised aesthetics and excellent fitment for most OE and aftermarket wheels.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Brake Calipers

  • Precision CNC-engineered forged 4-pot, 6-pot and 8-pot calipers built with high quality 6061 T6 heat treated aluminium and finished with an anti-rust coating.
  • Aluminium pistons with progressive sizes to ensure even pad wear, and internal oil and dust seals for protection against the elements.
  • Matched with brackets and DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines with waterproof PVC coating for your specific car make and model. 
  • Available in different caliper sizes to suit each size of rotor.
  • Available in a number of anodized or powder coated finishes with customizable logos.
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Brake Rotors

  • Manufacturered with top-grade iron alloy and a premium anti-rust coating, with an allowable tolerance of +/- 0.02mm to ensure perfect balancing. Any rotor that does not meet our high QC standards will not leave the factory.
  • Large vents to dissipate heat more efficiently. Center caps are made from aerospace grade aluminium with hard anodizing electrolyte treatment for improved durability.
  • Available in cross-drilled, slotted or drilled and slotted versions.
  • Available as a floating rotor which allows the braking surface to 'float' on the hub, negating the affect of metal expansion and reducing the possibility of discs warping when they are over-heated. This results in improved heat dissipation, which reduces brake fade over prolonged periods of heavy braking.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Brake Pads

Our big brake kit comes standard with one of the following pad options. 

  • Street pads are recommended for drivers that want quiet, low-maintenance brakes on the road. They're more economical, and will still stop you really fast, but will start to fade after 4 or 5 heavy high speed stops in quick succession. Suitable for road use only. 
  • Sport pads are a great middle-ground option. Although not as quiet as street pads, they have excellent cold bite and you have to push them extremely hard to get any hint of fade. Suitable for light track and fast road use. 
  • Race pads will give you the best performance. They offer the highest friction and warm bite, and we have never been able to make them fade in both rally and circuit racing. However they need bedding in very thoroughly to maintain a good transfer layer on the rotors, and they don't last very long. Recommended for track use only. 

In addition, our brake kits are compatible with selected AP Racing, Alcon, Hawk, Pagid, Ferodo and Mintex pads so you'll never be out of your favorite performance pad option.

Excellent Wheel Clearance

We've designed these brakes with optimised profiles so our largest 8-pot brake kits clear many 18" wheels, not to mention almost all 19" wheels. They're even smaller than some stock brake kits.

We have customers running 8-pot calipers with massive 380mm discs on deep concave wheels in both 18" and 19" sizes.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore


This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Track & Rally Tested

In addition to track testing at various race tracks worldwide in a variety of conditions, our AVANTAGE VAG team and a number of customers have track-tested these brakes at the Sepang F1 circuit and can vouch for their outstanding performance.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Outstanding value for money with zero compromise on braking performance - expect nothing less from these custom big brake kits by AVANTAGE VAG.




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