VAG Audi RS Brake Kit

The VAG RS Brake Kit from VAG Singapore is built from the the highest quality brake components and is a guaranteed direct fit for most Audi and selected Volkswagen models. Imagine your car outfitted with the original brake system designed for the outrageously powerful Audi RS5, RS7 or TTRS. If you're looking for superb stopping power with genuine Audi quality, this is the kit to consider!

VAG RS Brake Kit

The VAG RS Brake Kit is assembled by VAG Singapore from the best available brake components from Germany and the USA. The kit contains:

With professional installation by VAG's brake specialists, this track-worthy brake kit will outperform your stock brake components day after punishing day, especially if your Audi or Volkswagen is VAG tuned

The photos below include the "wavey" rotor design from ECS Tuning, available with matching front and rear for the majority of Audi models.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore


Here's the full kit before installation:

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Audi RS 6/8-Piston Big Brake Kit
(Wavey Design)

Here's the 8 piston brake kit straight from the factory:

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore



And the 6-pot alternative, paired with VAG's stainless stell lines and titanium-kevlar pads:This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

The 2012 design of the Audi 6 and 8-pot brake kit features a wavey design that reduces 3kg of unsprung mass per brake kit. That's a huge weight savings that translates to noticeably sharper handling and improved performance, with all the benefits of the already outstanding RS brake kit featured below!

Audi RS 8-Piston Big Brake Kit

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

VAG Singapore supplies and installs the complete B8-generation Audi RS brake kit, which includes the following:

  • 2x 8-piston Audi RS brake calipers
  • 2x 365mm Audi RS brake rotors
  • 2x original Audi RS brake pads
  • 2x original Audi RS brake hoses
  • 2x original Audi RS splash guard

The high-gloss black Audi RS brake calipers are fitted with 8 pistons each, bear the distinctive Audi RS logo and are made of lightweight aluminium.

The Audi RS brake rotors are internally ventilated discs with an oversized 365mm diameter. Steel friction rings are perforated and connected by pins to the aluminum brake discs in order to enhance heat dissipation.

VAG Singapore can also fit your Audi A5 or S5 with original Audi RS ceramic carbon-fiber brake discs measuring 380 millimeters in diameter. They are extremely lightweight, strong, and durable - not to mention exclusive and very expensive. But if you want to stop in style, you can go no further than these outlandish works of art!

Audi RS 4-Piston Big Brake Kit

 This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

The little brother to the giant 8-pot RS kit is a heavyweight in its own right, with massive braking performance from the Brembo calipers and cross-drilled rotors guaranteed to test your seatbelts when you stomp on the brake pedal.

This 4-pot RS brake kit will fit many Audi models and selected Volkswagen models as well.

Both the Audi 4-pot or 8-pot RS brake kits will prove to you that your brakes only need to save you once to be worth the investment.

Audi RS Brake Kit Fitment

With professional installation, these RS big brake kits are a direct bolt-on solution for the following Audi models:

  • Audi A3, S3
  • Audi TT, TTS
  • Audi A4, S4 (B8, 2008 onwards)
  • Audi A5, S5
  • Audi A6, S6
  • Audi A7, S7
  • Audi A8, S8
  • Audi Q5, SQ5
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI, R32
  • Volkswagen Passat

RS brake calipers and RS-inspired rotors will serve your Audi (or Volkswagen) perfectly no matter how much power you tune it to produce.

If your Audi model is not listed above, you can consider an Audi S brake upgrade which come standard on the powerful Audi S car models.

Call +65 6515 9515 or email VAG Singapore now to book your Audi RS brake kit today!




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