Engine Care

VAG selects the best from the confusing world of engine additives and lubricants, selecting only the ones that really maintain your car in optimum running condition. The small investment in these additives and lubricants gives discerning car owners substantial long term results in improved power, reduced fuel consumption, and lower repair costs.

VAG Total Engine Care

The VAG Total Engine Care Package has been designed by our Volkswagen Audi specialists to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption, and protect your engine, the heart of your car. Proven by discerning Audi and Volkwagen enthusiasts, VAG Total Engine Care reaches the invisible areas of your engine to provide much-needed cleaning and protection where your eyes can't see.

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Trusted and highly rated by thousands of happy car owners in Singapore, AVANTAGE VAG provides servicing, repair, tuning, and many other specialist car services at 3 convenient locations in Singapore. Our technicians are guided by factory-spec tools and our repairs with genuine parts are warrantied for up to 2 years.

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