VAG retrofits some of today's most advanced suspension upgrades for your Audi and Volkswagen. Enjoy a completely new driving experience with suspension upgrades that improve control and comfort.

VAG Air Suspension

VAG air suspension for Audi is manufactured by Accuair, the world's leading manufacturer of sport air suspension kits. Accuair suspension kits ensure you can go from sporty driving on B-roads or the racetrack to clearing the steepest ramps and humps in your neighbourhood.

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Sachs Coilovers

Sachs coilover suspension systems for Audi and Volkswagen are manufactured by the same company that produce the factory suspension systems for Audi and VW. VAG Singapore is the distributor for Sachs coilover systems in Singapore. 

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Ohlins DFV Coilovers

Ohlins suspension is currently not available.

Ohlins DFV Coilovers from VAG Singapore are coveted for their exceptional build quality. From race to street use, Ohlins coilovers are able to satisfy the most demanding of road conditions. VAG Singapore is offers the Ohlins DFV to Volkswagen drivers who wish to upgrade from their OEM suspension kits.

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KW Coilovers

KW Coilovers for Audi and Volkswagen are the highest quality suspension upgrades available for discerning drivers. With a strong heritage on the race track, KW has developed a complete range of coilover suspension kits that offer Audi and VW owners the perfect mix of track and city driving.

VAG Singapore offers a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all KW coilovers - invest in performance with peace of mind. Buy from the authorized distributor for KW coilover suspension in Singapore - don't risk your ride comfort with parallel imported uncertainty!

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Bilstein Coilover & Damper Kits

Bilstein coilover suspension kits from VAG Singapore are chosen by discerning Audi and Volkswagen owners around the world.

Drawing on a proud and successful racing heritage, Bilstein have developed a range of quality coilover suspension kits that offer unequalled vehicle control, handling, comfort and safety.

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VAG Lowering Springs

VAG Lowering Springs are plug and play replacement suspension springs that lower the ride height of your car, providing improved handling and a much more aggressive stance.

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VAG Anti Roll Bars

VAG Anti Roll Bars, also known as stabilizer or sway bars, will keep your car flat and planted when you go hard into corners. Significant handling improvements are guaranteed with our full range of ARB by H&R and SPM.

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