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Customer Reviews 2020

Professional and Friendly, Now My 3rd Car With Them

AC_Rain (Google, Oct 2020)

Booking was fast. The folks were professional and friendly. Have been with these folks for my past 2 cars, and now my 3rd car. Thumbs up!

Experience for a first time customer was extremely good

Patrick Lau (Facebook, 14 Nov 2020)

Left a message on AV’s FB post for 11.11 Sprint Booster V3 promo. PM response was very quick. Headed down to their East Center and was attended to by Matthew. Very friendly and relaxed stance, not pushy. Left with queries answered and took a few hours to consider. Eventually decided to go ahead, made an appointment for the installation the next day through the general booking line.

Installation next day took less than 30 minutes. Manage to tuck the cable under the dashboard. Whilst it’s a simple job, they took pains to ask & listen to me on where the most optimal position for the controller would be for my driving position. Matthew reminded me again to go back if there are any issues at all.

Overall, the experience for a first time customer was extremely good. The team & environment made sure it is very relaxed and not overwhelming where some WS out do especially during the enquiry process. My ride is one of the cheapest marque under VAG Group but the team did not make me feel “poor” with their attention.
Thank you for that!

Pleasant Experience, Very Professional Service

Abu Bakar (Facebook, 12 Aug 2020)

Kudos to Matthew and the team at Avantage East branch. It was my first time sending my car to them and the whole experience was a pleasant one. The moment I drop off the car at their branch, I can see that their place was very methodical. The servicing was indeed very fast and I could have just went to the coffee shop nearby and have some leisure time. They did a very thorough check on the car and advise me repairs and advice me accordingly. Im glad that the workshop is indeed near my workplace which is a big bonus to me. Very professional service.

Highly recommended especially to lady drivers

Leanne Chiara Lee (facebook, Jul 2020)

Been using VAG for 10 years now, one thing that hasn’t changed since their humble beginnings is their honesty and quality of service. Even though their business has expanded I still receive honest advice for my car. And the work done is always good. They make my problems go away and I can trust they will help with any car related problems I have. Highly recommended especially to lady drivers who need a workshop that won’t take advantage of our supposed ignorance about cars.

Very professional, price is reasonable and genuine parts are used!

Hsu Ching Hua (facebook, Mar 2020)

Very professional and friendly and efficient in service and repair. Price is reasonable and genuine parts are used. Thumb up!

Best service and very good mechanics

Tamilko Ko (google, Jun 2020)

Best service and very good mechanics and especially the advice and the details on the service parts given is excellent. Best Price for what they done for my car. I feel friendly staff and the Person in charge for North Sin Ming Drive excellent.

Transparent, professional and honest

Liew Jun Wei (facebook, Jul 2020)

Transparent, professional and honest. Thanks for the exceptional service, Ernest.

Spirit of excellence shows in their work!

Leanne Lee (facebook, July 2020)

Amazing work done on our car by CarCrafters. Full paint according to factory standard and after one month a ceramic coating. The boss sent us these photos of their men at work and based on the car after I collected, they did an outstanding job. Just want to thank the team for their spirit of excellence which shows in their work!

AVANTAGE VAG Stands For Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Pir Omar (by email, Apr 2020)

We decided to commence our continental journey with a second hand C180. Prior to this we have always been Japanese car users. Needless to say, as excited as we were about getting our first continental car we were also nervous. As you would have heard the usual pros and cons of having a Japaneses car versus a continental car. We did our home work and decided to bring the cars to VAG.

The first car looked great. Both on the exterior and the interior. Brought it in to VAG West. Liaised with Darren from VAG. Made an appointment. Met with Azizi from VAG. Told me to relax at their main office which is super clean and comfortable with a lounge area, while he brings the car for the assessment. Staff always walking around with a smile. Beautiful. Being the eager beaver that I was at that point of time, I decided to walk across to their workshop. A stone throw away. Pleasantly surprised. A very organised and clean workshop. Fast forward, the entire inspection took about 90 mins. Afterwhich, Azizi came to get me with a break down of what was inspected and their verdict of the car. Everything done was explained to me and also clearly shown in black and white. Itemized. End of it the mechanic who worked on the car advised me straight up best not to buy the car as it had some engine issues. Explained to me the steps required and cost involved from the simplest possible corrective action to the worst case scenario corrective action and cost. Amazing. Yes it took 90 mins, and yes it cost us 120SGD but the peace of mind VAG gave us, priceless.

After about a week, brought a 2nd car. Same deal and package. This time we went with a car that had lower ownership and mileage on the car. Once again made an appointment, brought it in, got it inspected. This time around met Ryan from VAG through Azizi. They car of course had the usual wear and tear. More concerning were the errors encountered specifically on the after market battery being used. Ryan broke it down to me verbally. What are the wear and tear and how much it will cost. Likewise, for the error codes from the battery and the cost involved. We decided to put the wear and tear aside and work on the error codes from battery. VAG did another round of assessment, based on the deduced solution and was able to confidently conclude no more issues/error codes. Advised us of the steps required to be taken and the cost that will be involved. VAG kept me abreast on their own accord promptly and concisely. They even advised me this is a good car should I decide to pursue this further. They also itemized the required corrective actions for both usual wear and tear and the error codes. Agreed to proceed with all the required corrective actions and resulting payments. Everything is broken down, simplified, and itemized in black and white when explained to you. Transparency. They use original parts and will be covered for 1 year. If you are a member it will be covered for 2 years. Once again the peace of mind they sell to us car users, priceless.

VAG is refreshing to be at for a garage in Singapore. Its clean, organised, and professional. VAG really puts service before sales. Premium service. A company is only as good as the people who makes up the company. Darren, Azizi, Ryan, & Eugene to me made up VAG and worthy of this long ass positive review because thats the least I can do for the amazing and tireless job they did once again to provide us the most important thing when getting a car. The peace of mind. The peace of mind we have a good working machine. Till the next 10K or for any other modifications guys, thank you once again and god bless.


Pir Omar

Professional Service

Marvin Cheung (google, Mar 2020)

Professional service

Very Impressed, Highly Recommended

Bernard Tay (Facebook, 16 Sep 2020)

Having major replacement at VAG Sin Ming. Was very impressed and satisfied with Ernest and the whole team.
Served with professionalism and the knowledge of the issue is always available anytime. Glad they had resolved the absorbers and brake squeeching sound.

Highly recommended for regular servicing and repair works.

Thanks Ernest and team!!!!

Quality place to repair and service your Audi or Volkswagen

Jeremy Chan (google, Mar 2020)

Quality place to repair and service your Audi or Volkswagen. Pricing is slightly on the high side.

Tuned and The Difference is Quite Impressive

Kurt Eldridge (Google, Sep 2020)

Great work from the team. Tuned the car and the difference is quite impressive

Service and standards are superb

Aaron Tay (Facebook, 30 Oct 2020)

Very professional team. Service and standards are superb 👍🏽

Quality workmanship, excellent result.

Jayden Foo (facebook, Feb 2020)

Went to Carcrafters for bodykit spray, was served by Eugene. Quality workmanship, excellent result. They resprayed and make the skirt looks seamless, better than the previous workshop i visited. In addition, customer service was excellent as well. Eugene gave come suggestions which helps alot in achieving the desired result. Will definitely come back again.

Went all out to solve my issue - thumbs up!

Chay Chee Mun (facebook, Apr 2020)

Has an issue with my intercooler pipe Vag went all out to source for me the pipe asap. Solved my issue. Thumb up to vag and team !!!!

Became a firm believer on the work you do

Eddie Vedder (facebook, Jun 2020)

Wonderful crew and fantastic service. Became a firm believer on the work you lot do. Will have my next service done in your East outlet.

Greatest shoutout to Brandon for his expert advise and great knowledge.

3 thumbs up from me.

The real deal when it comes to an honest, prompt, customer care essential workshop

Lee Regan (facebook, Jun 2020)

Amazing experience from first email to completion. Ryan replied fast. Gave me sensible prices immediately. Take note VW. These guys are the real deal when it comes to an honest, prompt, customer care essential workshop.
Details explained. No waiting around. A true 5 star experience. You have gained a loyal customer.

Perfectly repaired by Car Crafters, great service and on time delivery

Kris Tan (google, Feb 2020)

A small knock of the left hand car bumper has been perfectly repaired by Car Crafters. Great service and on time delivery of the repaired car.

No words could express my gratitude

KM Lee (facebook, Jun 2020)

A very big 10/10 review to VAG Toh Guan's Ryan and his team. Ryan and his team is professional, great attitude and always has car owner's interest in mind. My car was sabotaged by unscrupulous business owner and almost close to destroying my beloved dream car. Luckily Ryan express great professionalism and provide excellent support even after office hours in the nick of time. No words could express my gratitude to Ryan and his team accurately. Definitely will be going to VAG for all car related upgrades/maintenance/repair as they are the best in the market. They know exactly how to treat your car most accurately and professionally.

Truly Delightful Experience

Sri (Whatsapp, 27 Oct 2020)

Hi Ryan

Thanks. First, let me appreciate your excellent support in diagnosing and rectifying 4x4 error in a most cost effective manner. That was quite helpful.

Thanks again. Happy to know you and your workshop. Truly delightful experience gaining customer's trust.

Cheers, Sri

The price is very reasonable and fair - A reputable workshop

Junior Hsu (google, Mar 2020)

Good services and pricing. I have been to this workshop for service and repair . They are friendly and efficient in troubleshooting . The latest task for them to resolve my air suspension problem and they help to source and replaced fast. The price is very reasonable and fair. A reputable workshop if you need reliable service and repair.

Customer Reviews 2019

Prices were transparent and value for money

Lynn Wong (google, Jun 2019)

My car had its coolant leaking and emission control lamp lighted. I searched online for workshops that specializes in Audi and Avantage came up with great reviews hence I decided to send my car in for repairs. Sent in my car around 930am and car was ready by 5pm. The consultant was precise in providing advice and recommendations on what should be done for my car. The prices were also transparent and value for money. Hope that the diagnosis and repairs done are accurate and lasting.

Good Service & Recommendations... Amazing Job!

Sharon Seet (Facebook, 8 Jun 2019)

Thanks Aaron at Avantage North for the good service and recommendations! Brought my 8 year old Audi A5 to get its body repainted and fixed, and wheels refurbished. The car looks brand new as ever thanks to CarCrafters.

The car looks set to possibly get its COE renewed, especially if I have the guys at Avantage servicing the car. Have serviced the car with them since 5 years ago and have not looked back. These guys do an amazing job helping with the maintenance and servicing of the car. Thanks guys!

The go to workshop - They are very meticulous in their work and always provide good service!

Peter Lee (facebook, 3 Oct 2019)

Ernest is the most helpful person there. I faced some problems when I was in KL and he personally called me and directed me to a reliable workshop in KL. If anyone is driving a VW or Audi they are the go to workshop. They are very meticulous in their work and always provides a good service. Your ride will be well taken care of in their hands. I myself have been servicing my car with VAG since Day 1.

Your Garage Was Really Busy Today – Excellent Service!

Esther (SMS, 26 Sep 2019)

Will arrange servicing with you soon. Thanks again for accommodating me last minute for a peace of mind. I notice your garage was really busy today. Excellent service!

Very professional - Trusted car servicing company

Hsiang Yang (google, Oct 2019)

Very professional. Patiently answered all my questions on my car. Trusted car servicing company.

Trustworthy. Reliable. Honest.

Shikin Hidris (facebook, 2 Jul 2019)

trustworthy. reliable. honest.

The outcome was beyond my expectation!

Henry Woon (Facebook, 29 Oct 2019)

Sent in my Audi S5 to Avantage North branch for multiple works plus a major service and I was more than happy with the work done. Ernest and his team diagnosed all the problem accurately and gave me comprehensive recommendations and options. the list of works was long but they kept it very organised and updated me step by step throughout the week. The outcome was beyond my expectation! Highly recommend AVANTAGE if you do care about the work being done on your car!

I could have saved $500!

Lim Swee Siang (google, Jul 2019)

If I have discovered VAG earlier, I would have save at least 500 of repair costs. My Golf MK 7 have been going in and out of my regular work shop for a eps problem for the past 2 weeks and all it takes is just 2 hours at VAG.

How happy I am after your upgrades!

Philip Murray, Golf Mk7.5 GTI (WhatsApp 29 Nov 2019)

Eugene, just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the GTi 7.5 after your upgrades... It performs, handles and rides better than any other car I have ever had. Great job and thank you to you and your team. Please add this to your website!

Excellent work, fast, parts on stock - good value!

Edgar Rusev (google, Mar 2019)

If I had a 4.5 star option that's what I would post. The missing "0.5 star" would be the price, respectively a certain price increase in the past 6 months. But what everyone is looking for, is not "cheap", but good value! And they ARE good value. Excellent work, fast, with parts on stock, and at the end at a lower price than VW SG service. A huge PLUS for the help from Ryan. Excellent communication, honest tips, great recommendations from his side.

Great help, well done!

Jamie Jay (facebook, 3 Mar 2019)

Great help tried to assist me from Australia well done!

Professional Advice, Smooth & Efficient

Sook Chee Chin (facebook, 22 Jun 2019)

Special thanks to Aaron for his professional advice & his team for a smooth & efficient servicing experience!

Much Appreciated!

William Liaw (facebook, 5 Aug 2019)

Dear VAG Team, this is a much appreciated acknowledgement to executive members of your service team Mr. Ernest and every technicians in the workshop at VAG North Service Centre. Last week 01.08.19 my Audi A1 had water temperature warning when driving to work. Therefore I called Ernest and he suggest me to send my car in to check immediately. Few hours later Ernest call back to inform that there’s leakage from Radiator & Oil leak from timing valve cover gasket and it takes about 2 days for all parts replace. It’s always stressful when car breakdown and painful when inform there’s wear & tear parts due to replace. Patiently Mr. Ernest workout a quotation for me with various options and advised me on their respective pros & cons. On the following work day despite his busy routine schedule, he even followed thru with me. I just want to take this opportunity to expressively commend Mr. Ernest & VAG North Service Centre technician so that he will continue to keep up his good work ethics. Also to motivate all service staff to do their best at work.

Very knowledgeable in all aspects - Excellent service and very patient!

Yvonne Seah (facebook, 28 Jul 2019)

We are glad to have Faiz (retrofitting team) who is very knowledgeable in all aspects, attended to us yesterday. Excellent service and very patient in answering all our queries. We are kind of disappointed that Faiz is off next Sat when we will be popping by again for other works but he certainly deserves a break! We are confident that other VAG staff will be as great!

Going The Extra Mile

Eugene Lai (facebook, 19 Jun 2019)

Had a flat battery yesterday after work at 1730hrs, managed to jump start the car with my own jump start kit. Quickly called VAG North and spoke with Aaron to enquire if i can still go down to have the battery replaced. After a check, Aaron ask me to drive down to their outlet at Sin Ming. Reached there at 6pm, and even though its their closing timing, the technician quickly assist to change the battery and test the car to ensure it is in good condition before returning the car back to me. All done within 30mins and i am out of there by 6.30pm. Kudos to the team there for going the extra mile even though its past their working hours.

Patience, thoroughness, and knowledgeable - Appreciate the professionalism and friendliness!

RQ Sim (facebook, 10 April 2019)

Was at VAG Sin Ming to get my car checked last Sat. Car was hoisted. The team at Sin Ming (Ernest, and Chuan and Tay if I got their names right) was on hand. Patience, thoroughness, and knowledgeable. Will definitely roll by Sin Ming again for anything that crops up. Appreciate the professionalism and friendliness. Thumbs up.

Dedicated Crew – Quick Repair, Accurate Diagnosis!

Tommy Ng (facebook, 16 Mar 2019)

Many thanks to the dedicated crew of service advisor and tech for making a quick repair and accurate diagnosis on my polo.

Fast, Efficient, Excellent Prices!

Karl Nilssen (facebook, 26 Apr 2019)

Fast and efficient service at excellent prices.

Highly Recommended!

Junren Lucas (facebook, 22 Nov 2019)

I simply send my car in for normal servicing and Ernest is there explaining on individual details and parting knowledge that I am not aware of to me. He is a very patient guy who will answered every question that you post to him. Highly recommended!! Thank you so much Ernest!

Reliable, Trustworthy, Dependable and Helpful

YauWei Ooi (Facebook, 23 June 2019)

Every motorist needs a reliable, trustworthy, dependable and helpful workshop that will be there in times of need and know that when help is rendered, they will not be taken advantaged of with overcharging and conned into doing unnecessary things for their car. If u are looking for one such workshop, VAG is the place to go to.

My car broke down due to overheating and Andrew was there ready to help. After my car was towed to the workshop, I was away in Australia for a family holiday and one of the most humble and friendly workshop specialist Ernest took charge of my car repairs, updating me via pictures, what’s app messages how my car was doing and did his job splendidly without doing unnecessary repairs.

It is the trust and friendship built that made VAG my number one choice for my car.

Keep up the good work guys

Good professional service. Reasonable charges!

Rick Koh (google, Nov 2019)

Good professional service. Reasonable charges.

I highly recommend VAG

Bibi Dietitian (facebook, Dec 2019)

I highly recommend VAG. Ernest is super helpful and knowledgeable. They are professional, prompt and patient. Think I've also learned a thing or 2 about cars from these guys. Thumbs up!

Recommend this place!

Derrick Hoi (Google, Mar 2019)

Had my X3 serviced yesterday and haf a pleasant experience. Ryan was polite and explained what was necessary. They were not pushy when telling me the things i needed to do for the car. Will recommend this place.

Good, honest & reliable car workshop!

Terence Tang (google, Oct 2019)

Good, honest & reliable car workshop!

Couldn't be happier with the paint quality and workmanship. They were able to hand over the car on time too. Highly recommended!

John (google, Apr 2019)

CarCrafters restored my 10 year old BMW back to original condition, using genuine parts and the paint was Spies Hecker which I heard is used by german car manufacturers. Couldn't be happier with the paint quality and workmanship. They were able to hand over the car on time too. Highly recommended!

Definitely worth a visit

Abdul Rahman (facebook, 19 Mar 2019)

Special mention for Aaron and his team of specialist from North VAG for explaining all the rights when everything is wrong on my VW. Definitely worth a visit. Thumbs up guys!

5 star for the helpfulness, and going the extra mile for their customers!

C KH (Google, Aug 2019)

Had an accident on a Friday evening, went to this workshop to report the accident (DirectAsia reporting center) on a Saturday evening. Although I did not plan to do the repairs at this workshop (intend to go back to dealer), the workshop owner is super kind, patient and helpful. More so that the paper took us beyond the opening hours. So 5 star for the helpfulness, and going the extra mile for their customers.

Excellent Prices and Great Service

Lexuan Soong (facebook, 20 Apr 2019)

Received great service from 川 and would definitely recommend my friends...

A very professional experience!

David Foo (Google, Aug 2019)

Went in to VAG to change out the brake rotors on my Audi A4 B8. Made my appointment conveniently via phone. Parts were ordered before my arrival and work commenced shortly after my arrival. Parts ordered were original Audi brake rotors. However, they also have plenty of other aftermarket options to choose from. You can discuss the viability of the choices with the VAG service manager who is knowledgeable and helpful. Overall a very professional experience delivered as the workshop specialises in continental cars, especially Audi and Volkswagen. It was also a pleasant experience as my car was worked on beside 3 other Audis, 2 BMWs, and a Volkswagen. There is definitely a feel good factor about that as you know that plenty of other owners trust these guys to work on their cars.

I Found a Workshop I Can Trust!

Anselm De Souza (Facebook, 17 April 2019)

I came across VAG from the internet and decided to try out this workshop after my warranty ended. My car coolant was leaking and the red warning light was lit and I was worried.Calling up VAG’s service line, the advisor calmed me down, gave me a couple of steps to take and booked me an appointment at VAG North at Sin Ming. At the workshop, I found Aaron the Service Advisor very knowledgeable as he explained the services my car required. This gave me great comfort as I was worried moving out of VW. He kept me informed of the progress and delivered the car as promised at the end of the day. His team also took the effort to thoroughly inspect the car and spotted several trouble spots which I was thankful. The next day I was back to compete an optional service recommended by Aaron. I went back to VAG because I now knew I found a workshop I can trust

Great Service & Very Knowledgeable

Sajan Devan (Facebook, 31 Jan 2019)

Great service and a very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and humble team. Happy with the tune up!

Prices are 30% cheaper than agent!

Bryan Tan (google, Oct 2019)

Sent my Audi A4 to fix coolant leak, engine oil leak, engine mount and replacement of brake pad & disc. Prices are 30% cheaper than what PA quoted me.

Saving me money and solving the problem!

Ben N. (google, Aug 2019)

Had an issue with the Head Unit where audio works at the start of the day and does not after. Instead of insisting a change of a head unit which cost $7.3K they suggested a diagnostic and a subsequent fix at S$288!! Thank you for saving me money and solving the problem. Got to say though follow-through of work was a little glitchy but hey.....if you can save me S$7K you can inconvenience me many more times!!! Once again thank you very much as S$7K can eat lots of nice meals.

Excellent job done on a bumper bender job. Colour matching spot on and no trace of a repair job.

Zad Yahya (google, Apr 2019)

Excellent job done on a bumper bender job. Colour matching spot on and no trace of a repair job when I got the car back. Not only the car was washed and waxed. Its interior was cleaned - almost spotless. Thanks Zenrick and your team for a great job done and for the additional free services done which are not in the job scope.

Professional, Patient, Honest!

Mite See (Facebook, 07 Jan 2019)

Aaron and team from VAG North were very professional, patient and honest. Aaron gave good advice on my car servicing needs and didn’t try to oversell me unrequired parts. I’m very satisfied with my car after the servicing. Highly recommended!

Job Well Done… All Executed Without A Glitch

Calvin K, VW GTI (email, 4 Jun 2019)

I wish to express my appreciation to you for a job well done on the repair of my car due to an accident in May 2019.

My appreciation goes specifically to:

1) Mr. Chan and Matthew for getting the insurance paper work done swiftly and effectively;

2) Earnest for assisting with the surveyor for the damage survey of my car;

3) The anonymous person behind Whatsapp whom I had been in touch with from arranging for the survey until the car collection day;

4) Zenrick and his workshop team members for repairing and replacing the damaged parts, and last but not the least;

5) Eugene who handed my car over to me on the collection day.

All executed without a glitch plus it came with a huge pleasant surprise to see the Votex rear bumper again on the collection day! You all deserve a good pat on your back.

Amazing Service & Awesome Job Done

Denise (WhatsApp, 4 Feb 2019)

Hello Ryan! Just wanted to drop you a message to thank you for the amazing service and awesome job done on my car. I can really feel the difference when I drive and it’s a much better experience now.

Thanks for your patience… will definitely recommend you to friends in future.

Very Happy & Satisfied Customer

Dexter Siow (email, 6 Jul 2019)

Dear Sirs,

I m Dexter here, vehicle owner of SM*36**D.

I would like to leave a compliment for VAG North Arron & team through this feeback channel because i dont have a facebook account.

I was recommended by a friend of mine to send my newly purchased pre own car for inspection at VAG North because of its unbiased reputation i guess.

On the 1st inspection, they discovered a car battery monitoring unit (CBMU) fault and took time and effort to explain to me about the fault and reassured me that my car would be all good 99% usually after replacement of the CBM according to their past work experience.

Upon replacement of the CBMU, another fault surfaced out of everyone's surprise. Without any fluster, Arron and the team took on the pain and task to micro trace the root cause and ultimately resolving the issue.

Kudos and really appreciate the whole team's persistence and hardwork.

Left as a very happy and satisfied customer.


Best rgds,


Customer Reviews 2018

Excellent Service, Knows His Stuff – Respect!

Mervyn Beh (facebook 9 Jul 2018)

Thanks to Aaron & Chief mech Mr Chuan on the excellent service at North branch. Mr Chuan was patient & friendly throughout the trouble shooting of my car problem. I threw him a few odd ball questions & he knows what I’m talking about. This man knows his stuff, respect. Aaron thanks for staying back to entertain me being the last customer. And no, we didn’t have bak kut teh that evening lol. Great job guys.

Knowledgeable & Experienced & Provide An Excellent Service

 James (via email Jul 2018)

Aaron and his team at the North are knowledgeable and experienced and provide an excellent service. The servicing and repairs are expertly completed while I waited in the comfy lounge.

The job was done timely and they heard the car to ensure all is well before handing it over to me. Well done guys.

–VW Golf owner, via email in July 2018.

Reliable, Honest, Go The Extra Mile – We Trust Them!

Miarianne (via Facebook 20 Oct 2018)

Many thanks to Aaron and team: We have been going to VAG to service our volkswagon beetle for 1-2 years now. They are not the cheapest, but very honest (e.g. telling us when something is not critical to repair/replace) and reliable with good results. We trust them and have been very impressed by their service as they often go the extra mile!

Volkswagen Beetle owner, via facebook reviews on 20 October 2018

I am extremely pleased and will definitely visit them again!

Daniel Teo (facebook, 13 Dec 2018)

Special thanks to Faiz and Jay for their professional advice and services. Both went the extra miles to provide me with good customer experience at the Toh Guan branch, especially for Jay who even continue to provide advice and services after office hours. I am extremely please and will definitely visit them again for other services. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!

Been Looking For A Workshop Like This – Customer First

Le Messie (via Facebook 31 Mar 2018)

Been looking for a workshop like this. Customer First. Great service, know what they are doing, quick and concise. No fuss at all.

Joined as an Avantage Club member and will be frequenting them for my R8 needs!

– via facebook reviews on 31 March 2018.

Good Service!

Kok Hai Yee (facebook, 13 Jul 2018)

First time step in VAG North, Good service provided by Aaron from VAG North. Have to thank the mechanics there to fix my car issue.

My 10 year old drive feels like new now!

TJ Sia (facebook, 17 Oct 2018)

Thanks VAG team at Kaki Bukit for identifying my chronic downshifting thud sound issue and delay in taking off from idle due to worn clutches. Got the clutches and ATF replaced the very next day, my 10 year old drive feels like new now!

Great Service

Andrew Viosman

Great service orientated and friendly staff. Know their stuff well.

Andrew Viosman

Factory Standard Sets VAG Apart!

Ben (via email 3 Sep 2018)

Factory standard was used as your USP, and this was by no means an exaggeration but a confirmation. This particular standard is what sets VAG apart from the competition in a saturated and small market that is Singapore.

Big compliments to the Avantage VAG North team, especially to Aaron for the professionalism displayed in explaining every detail to me.

I had no qualms signing up for the Avantage Club membership on the spot as it was immediately clear where my car will be sent for all future maintenance needs.

Please keep up the good work!

Best regards,

– VW Golf owner, via email on 03 September 2018

We’ll Recommend Friends Here!

PS Lim (facebook, 19 Jul 2018)

Service is good from Aaron and team. We’ll recommend friends here. Great work Aaron!

Highly Recommend This Workshop – Professional & Passionate

Nigel Kaw (facebook, 9 Dec 2018)

Just wanted to drop a note to highly recommend this workshop. The team at Avantage VAG is a team that is not just professional but passionate about the cars they work on. This was experienced personally by me when I had the pleasure of interacting with 3 of their staff members; Faiz, Jay and Ryan.

All 3 staff took the time to get to know me and the needs and considerations of my car. Whether it was Faiz advising on OEM parts for my vehicle, Ryan on servicing and repair or Jay advising on performance and aesthetic upgrades for my car, all of them were warm, friendly, highly competent and worked together as a team to provide their best possible care and attention to both me and my car.

The 3 gentlemen were patient and knowledgeable and addressed all my concerns and queries I had. This left me with the strong assurance that Avantage VAG was the best possible workshop to look after and improve my car.

Equally important, I am extremely pleased with the quality and timely work rendered to my car. The work of their technicians is meticulous and of the highest standards.

Competant workshops in Singapore abound. However, Avantage VAG is one of those rare workshops that not only provides excellent professional service but goes the extra mile to build long term relationships with their customers to truly understand their needs for their car/s and thus, render a superior service experience built on a relationship of trust. This sets them apart from the rest.

Highly Professional, Very Meticulous, Ethics and Integrity Demonstrated

Jegatheesan, Mercedes S300L (facebook, 26 Oct 2018)

This was my first trip to AVANTAGE VAG with my Mercedes Benz S300l. After struggling more than 2 years with my Airmatic system. Visited the Toh Guan centre. The people were so highly professional in revewing my concerns. Very meticulous and had my problems solved. I would like to thank Ryan, Ernest and the technical team. Hats off. Company culture on ethics and integrity principles were well demonstrated by all.

Peace of Mind, Loving My Ride Again

Danny (via Facebook 12 Sep 2018)

Did my engine overhaul two weeks ago, comes with 2 year warranty for a peace of mind, thank you VAG North for giving new life to my precious ride!

Loving my ride again!! Special thanks to Aaron and Frank for assisting with my queries and updating me thru out the procedure!

via facebook reviews 12 September 2018

Extremely Pleasant Experience!

Titus Wu, Audi RS4 (facebook, 28 Jul 2018)

Had a whining noise coming through the driver side and they patiently drove the car with me to identify where the sound is coming from. Ended up fixing my problem. John and the team at the North branch have made this an extremely pleasant experience. Thank you so much!

Patience, Commitment and Professionalism

Kenny H. (via Facebook 14 Feb 2018)

Kudos to Darren and VAG West team for their patience, commitment and professionalism.

Despite asking tonnes of questions, Darren had been very patient with me. He even went all out to arrange appointments for me just to suit my schedule. Had a few minor issues but resolved very promptly and professionally. Two thumbs up! Excellent service and highly recommended.

– via facebook reviews on 14 Feb 2018.

We trust them and have been very impressed by their service!

Marianne Tsang, (Facebook, 20 Oct 2018)

Many thanks to Aaron and team: We have been going to VAG to service our volkswagon beetle for 1-2 years now. They are not the cheapest, but very honest (e.g. telling us when something is not critical to repair/replace) and reliable with good results. We trust them and have been very impressed by their service as they often go the extra mile!

Knowledgeable & Experienced & Provide An Excellent Service

Lance Chan (facebook 24 Jul 2018)

Recently came across VAG as I was looking for a pedal booster and VAG has the SprintBooster that fits my requirements. Contacted VAG and was pleasantly surprised to get a prompt reply via Facebook messenger. Made an appointment and headed down to their service center. 1st thing that struck me was how clean, organised and big the place was. Staff were friendly and knowledgeable.

VAG also helped me to check if I can enable my Hill Assist function on my ride. After checking in, I was able to wait around their lounge and I was promptly updated with the status of the installation. After everything was fixed up, I was even offer a test drive with the staff so that they can explain how the SprintBooster feels and also showed me how the Hill Assist worked (VAG managed to change the setting).

It was truly an unexpected (awesome) experience I had which is not normally found else where. VAG not only made me feel welcomed (even though I only drive a Skoda Yeti) but they have also given me a sense of trust with their skills and product (yes, the SprintBooster really made a big diff!).

A big thank you to Jay and all at VAG!

6 Stars Out of 5!

Ben Tan (Facebook, 14 Jan 2018)

My car was 3.5 yrs but the ABS sensors already came on twice. It was replace by agent 7 mths ago but lighted up again. Called VAG. The conversation was pleasant and informative. Went to Sin Ming workshop next day. Was warmly attended by Aaron. Diagnostic test was done immediately and problem pin-pointed.

Aaron was very clear in his explanation. No hard selling and he suggested the only necessary replacement. Everything was done efficiently in less than 20 mins- wow!!

Aaron and team were very professional and full of integrity. The company did not earn much from me BUT they earned my full respect for their professionalism - a rare quality in such cut-throat industry.

Will definitely recommend the workshop to others. Aaron and team- thank you for the wonderful and pleasant experience. 6 stars out of 5!

Very meticulous and knowledgeable!

Alison Yong (facebook, 15 Aug 2018)

There was something wrong with my vehicle. EPC Signal was on and off for the last few weeks. I called up VAG and they immediately set me up for an appointment at the VAG North Branch. Aaron and his team were very meticulous and knowledgeable. Because it was a rather serious issue for my vehicle (fuel injector malfunction, valve damage, coolant leaked, oil leaked, fault detected) it took a day for the team to check and Aaron called and messaged me the next day to explain the repairs and cost of the service. I like the fact the team is meticulous. I have been to other workshops and my car issue still resurfaced until I go back to VAG again. Once again, a big thank you to Aaron and his team. Greatly appreciate that he took the trouble to explain the car repairs to a person who only knows how to drive and doesn't take good care of the car.

Great Experience! Very Satisfied – Recommended!

Li Yi (facebook, 23 Nov 2018)

Great experience! Aaron from VAG North was friendly, reliable and prompt.

The workshop replaced several wear-and-tear parts and put on a set of new PS4S tyres in just 1.5 days. Very satisfied that my car is super smooth and quiet again. Recommended!

via facebook reviews on 23 November 2018

Passion & Sincerity Is So Refreshing

Stanley (facebook, 7 Sep 2018)

Helpful and knowledgeable service staff. Their passion and sincerity is always so refreshing and it’s always such a pleasure every time I’m here.

Excellent service backed with wealth of knowledge and experience

Andy Lee

Excellent service backed with wealth of knowledge and experience. Highly recommended.

Andy Lee

Professional and Patient

Charlotte L. (via email 19 Jan 2018)

I would like to thank the team at VAG West for their help to fix a seemingly minor problem with my car door. Despite the late notice, they were able to remedy the problem. I would like to thank the team for

their hard work and especially Wei Quan who was professional in his services and patient in explaining the issues to me. I would also like to commend your call center for their professionalism too. I’m really glad I took Aaron’s (VAG east) advice and joined the Advantage Club ???? I know my car is in good hands. Thank you!

– Volkswagen Touran owner, by email on 19 Jan 2018

Meticulous & Knowledgeable, Greatly Appreciate

Ally (via Facebook 15 Aug 2018)

There was something wrong with my vehicle. EPC Signal was on and off for the last few weeks.I called up VAG and they immediately set me up for an appointment at the VAG North Branch. Aaron and his team were very meticulous and knowledgeable.

Because it was a rather serious issue for my vehicle (fuel injector malfunction, valve damage, coolant leaked, oil leaked, fault detected) it took a day for the team to check and Aaron called and messaged me the next day to explain the repairs and cost of the service.

I like the fact the team is meticulous. I have been to other workshops and my car issue still resurfaced until I go back to VAG again. Once again, a big thank you to Aaron and his team. Greatly appreciate that he took the trouble to explain the car repairs to a person who only knows how to drive and doesn’t take good care of the car.

via facebook reviews on 15 August 2018

Quick response and good service!

Michael Lauridsen (facebook, 20 Nov 2018)

Quick response and good service. Trust this place to take good care of my car.

Double Thumbs Up!

Mohd Faris Abdullah

Today is my 3rd time going for servicing at VAG singapore. Save me a bomb that VW JB told me need to change all 4 wheel sensors and mechatronic. But VAG mechs told me only need to change the front right and rear right wheel sensors. Double thumbs up!

Mohd Faris Abdullah

Amazing Team – Keep Up The Superb Job!

Jeffrey Corpus, Audi A7 (facebook, 3 Oct 2018)

Had recently adopted an A7. Joy of joys! It’s a very compelling companion, able to drive me from point A to point B with ease. It brings smile on my face every time I see, I go in and start it up. I wish to keep this joy all the way to the very last day of its COE. Keeping it running as good as it looks is my ultimate goal. Knowing that you have you have a support team behind you (VAG). Everyday, confidence is slowly building up after the recent checks and replacement of essential parts.

Thanks to Aaron (eloquently describes certain issues and provides a very meaningful pointers to keep in mind) and his amazing team who had looked after it during my first ever visit. Keep up the superb job guys and bless you all!

Great Turnaround Time!

Alvin Yeoh (facebook, 17 Oct 2018)

Thank you team VAG west, great turnaround work and service to resolve the sudden loud whistling sound. I made in on time for the wedding event last evening

Amazing Service From VAG North

Neo Wee Boon (facebook 22 Mar 2018)

Amazing service from VAG North. Really like to extend my appreciation of thanks to Frank and the team to be able to repair my car within a day which normally will take two days. If there is a transport service to the nearest MRT will be a big bonus!

Customer Reviews 2017

Impressed With Service & Attention To Detail

Alvin Y. (via email 15 Dec 2017)

Impressed with the service, attention to detail and giving me the right solution from Day 1. Special thanks to Ernest for going the extra mile, always so patient and appreciate the long chats, your boys are awesome in their care for my car.

Eugene, Darren for your prompt responses and expertise, keep up the good work team VAG West & North! Can’t wait for my recharged Audi!!

– via facebook reviews on 15 Dec 2017

Meticulous and Professional I Would Say

Gerald Fong

The staff really looked into every detail of my car – meticulous and professional I would say. Thanks for your effort and time in managing the health of our cars.

Such An Easy and Responsive Servicing Experience

Royston (via email 2 Jun 2017)

Thank you for an easy servicing experience – just a note of appreciation to your team for such an easy and responsive servicing experience.

As this is my initial experience with VAG, Frank ensured that this was a fuss-free experience. Will certainly want to continue servicing with VAG, and also get a performance tuning.

– VW Passat CC owner, via email on 02 Jun 2017.

Definitely Recommend! Great Service and Work

Michelle (via Facebook 23 Jun 2017)

Definitely recommend! Great service and work, has become my usual servicing place (Toh Guan)! Very responsive to my queries too. Keep it up!

– via facebook reviews on 23 Jun 2017.

Checked In Late, But All Done In An Hour!

Kelvin Teo

Checked in late (and got delayed getting there) for a regular 10k service. No qualms or issues. Just got on with it and all done within the hour, with still time to do a battery change after checking first w me.

Customer Reviews 2016

Your Team Is Doing A Great Job and I’m Very Happy With Your Service

Vinodh (via email 10 Jun 2016)

Hi Eugene, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy I am with the service which you and your team at VAG have given me.

In the last 3 months, your team have done about $7,000 worth of work for me on my car, principally upgrading the MMI and changing all eight of the valves in the V8. That is a large sum, but I am very glad that I have spent it. The car is runs like a new car now.

In all of my interactions, your team has been prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. Ernest has been especially helpful. But what is remarkable that all of your guys have been polite and courteous. It is just that I don’t know all of their names.

Customers usually complain when they are unhappy and remain silent when they are happy. I wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job and that I’m very happy with your service.

Best regards – Audi S5 owner, via email on 10 June 2016

Servicing & Chip Up – Fastest Service I Have Ever Encountered!

Michael Wong


Many thanks to VAG team today that help me out with servicing and chip up to stage 1. Special mention to Eugene for giving me a quick turn around and fastest service I have ever encountered!

Check in at 10.20am
Check out at 4.00pm

Best Regards,

Audi A6 owner, by email on 15 October 2015

VAG Really Know Their Stuff, Kudos For Patience & Perseverance!

Sooyong Chua (via Facebook 3 Aug 2016)

Darren and his team at VAG really know their stuff. Had issues with my R8 that included Quattro noise and Engine oil leak. Authorised Dealer suggested changing gearbox and fixing engine for an enormous amount of money. VAG suggested simple and practical solutions for a fraction of the money, which worked! Kudos to the team for their patience and perseverance for figuring out my car issues. Car runs and feels like new now!!!

- via facebook reviews on 03 August 2016

VAG Is Certainly Our First Choice… Thumbs Up To Professional Staff We Trust

Linus & Sabrina (via email 13 Jul 2016)

Eugene, please pass on our feedback to your colleagues. Thumbs up to them and your company. The various occasions we had to engage VAG, we were attended to by very professional staff whom we could trust that our cars would be in good hands.

Dealing with Ernest and another Chinese gentleman had been excellent. They were patient and took time to explain the problems and to offer solutions. VAG is certainly our first choice and we do recommend our contacts to engage your services.

Thank you once again for all your help. All the best to your company.


– Volkswagen Touran owners, via email on 13 July 2016.

Exceptional Quality, Paintwork Is Outstanding!

Desmond Goh (via Facebook 10 Nov 2016)

Exceptional quality! The paintwork is outstanding and the same if not better than factory. VAG/CarCrafters takes good care of the interior as well during my respray. Definitely the shop to go to for facelift and /or respray!! Very happy with their work!!

- via facebook reviews on 10 November 2016.

R8 Running Happily Now, Really Appreciate Their Effort

Alexis Tang (via Facebook 17 Nov 2016)

Hi there, just wanna say Thank You to Eugene, Wen Quan & the team at Toh Guan for their time & patience in fixing up my Audi R8. I am sure they spent many late nights & consumed a few gallons of coffee. It did take a while, however that’s cos some parts aren’t available locally & needed to get order from Europe. My car is running happily now & I really appreciate their effort. Thank you again.

– via facebook reviews on 17 November 2016

First Servicing After Warranty… Overall Very Satisfied

Craig Goh (via Facebook reviews 26 Aug 2016)

Excellent service by Aaron and the mechanic. My first servicing after my warranty ended and I’ll be continuing here. The waiting room is very nice! Overall very satisfied!

– via facebook reviews on 26 August 2016.

Customer Reviews 2015

Never Regret DSG Calibration & Stage 1 Tuning

Nicholas Ong (via Facebook 8 Jan 2015)

Did DSG calibration and stage 1 for my scirocco 1.4 one week ago. Mileage was average 12km/l.

Since then, I am driving at 16.5km/l every morning. Highest mileage was 19.6km/l without braking much. Never regret going for the change.

– Scirocco owner, via facebook reviews on 08 Jan 2015

Very Pleased With The Service

Kevin (via email 23 Jun 2015)

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your email. Just to feed back to you, I am very pleased with the service done yesterday, and I was also very impressed with the time that Steven took to explain the work carried out to me. It is a refreshing change from what I have become accustomed to at Premium Automobiles.

I will need to get in touch with you for a small spray job that needs doing to the front bumper/spoiler. I will send a picture on a separate email, although I imagine that you will need to see the car “in person” to evaluate properly.


Audi R8 owner, via email on 23 June 2015

Shout Out for A Fantastic Job

Daniel (via email 27 Dec 2015)

Hi guys,

I just want to give a shout-out for a fantastic job thus far. Truth is, I think you guys are much better than VW Centre Singapore, whether in terms of service level, responsiveness or technical expertise.

I have had a couple of experiences with VAG – regular servicing and repairs – and all of them had been positive. Now, I won’t service my car anywhere else but VAG.

Thanks for those wonderful experience, and please keep up the great work!

– Scirocco owner, via email on 27 Dec 2015

Thank Your Guys For A Great Job… Great Diagnostics. Thanks Again

Robin (via SMS Aug 2015)

Hi. Had meant to do this earlier. Can you thank your guys for a great job on changing my front left wheel bearings last Thursday. In at 9.05 and out by 11.07am.

Also great diagnostics as it has cleared the loud noise at cruising speed. Thanks again.

– VW Touran owner, via sms in August 2015

Awesome Tuning, Now Scared of TP!

Sridarsa (via email 21 Sep 2015)

Dear Eugene

Thanks a lot for the awesome tuning. Love it to the max. Now damn scared will get caught by TP. Hahaha.

Audi A4 owner, by email on 21 September 2015

Very Professional and Friendly Service. Impressed!

Calvin Foo (via Facebook 28 Nov 2015)

Made a call to VAG at 1pm and they managed to help me squeeze in an appt at 330pm. Went down to solve my engine fault light issue.

After careful examination by their mechanic, they were able to advise me on the issue. Waited at their comfy lounge and job was done in less than 90mins. Very professional and friendly service. Impressed! Great job VAG!

– via facebook reviews on 28 Nov 2015

Would Definitely Recommend VAG To Any Of My Friends

Darrell (via Facebook 4 Jun 2015)

…so what Volkswagen Service Centre Singapore required more than 30 hours of “diagnosis” to tell me (my car was there from Tues 8am to Wed 6pm), took VAG Singapore less than 15 mins.

To top it off, the 3 page parts list to “fix” my engine was actually just 1 item.

I would definitely recommend VAG to any of my friends driving a something from the Volkswagen Audi Group.

VAG Customer via facebook on 04 June 2015

Much Commendation About Quality, Responsibility & Pride In Their Work

Aden (via Facebook 11 Jun 2015)

I’ve been searching and asking around for services for my car and came upon VAG. Having gone through the consultation and after-sales service, I’m filled with much commendation about their good quality of service, sense of responsibility and pride in their work.

I’m very pleased with the staff of VAG who had given me very sound and professional advice on my car and quoted me reasonable prices.

Also a special thanks to them for accommodating to my special requests. I’m a satisfied customer and will certainly visit them regularly for my car’s maintenance needs.

Thanks, VAG, and keep up the good work!

VAG customer, via the VAG facebook page on 11 June 2015

Made The Right Decision In Sending My Car To VAG

Steven Fong

Dear Eugene & Darren,

I appreciate VAG’s patience and effort to help and advice me on the issues with my car.
I believe I made the right decision in sending my car to VAG for any services and upgrades.

I thank both of you for your patience in answering my queries as well, even though I sounded ridiculous sometime.

Thank you very much!


Audi S4 owner, via email on 02 July 2015

Honest Technicians, Fast & Efficient Service

Albert Wee (via Google Reviews Dec 2015)

Honest technicians, unlike VW service advisors who tried to milk me when they saw that my car was past warranty period.

Also provided fast and efficient service, whereas often had to wait til end of day before VW could even tell you what is wrong w the vehicle. Praises to Matthew and Phua at VAG.

- via Google reviews, Dec 2015

Like A New Beast

Mr See

Hi Eugene, my Q5 is much more responsive… like a new beast!

Diagnosed The Real Problem & Saved Me Money

Darrell Lye (via Facebook 1 Jul 2015)

… VAG Singapore was able to see me the very next day (it takes weeks to make an appointment at VW), diagnosed the problem in 15 Minutes, concluding with confidence that only ONE part needed to be replaced and the total cost would be less than $1000.

Parts were ordered, and a date set for the work to be done… And while the car was being fixed, they also spotted that my brakes were very worn, and so were some other wear and tear items (all of which was not diagnosed by VW; both during the appointment and the scheduled servicing a couple months earlier)…


So, a while back I brought my car into the VW service centre as an appointment was made… It was for my car to be “diagnosed”.

After 30 hours, they game me a list 3 pages long and said that those parts needed to be replaced… And as I was not convinced I asked which parts were essential (having spotted the same part I refused to fix for the past 5 years – and my car still functioned fine) so the Service Advisor tried to circle a few items which totalled about $5000 (down from $7000). And this didn’t include labour (which he estimated $2-3000).

Still not convinced, I agreed to pay for the “diagnostics” and come back after i had thought about it. At that point the service advisor asked if I was sure if it was “safe to drive” with my car in this condition. I said that I had been driving for the past few months with the issue… I don’t think a weekend would be a problem.

It was then that I brought my car for the first time to a 3rd party… And that was when VAG Singapore was able to see me the very next day (it takes weeks to make an appointment at VW), diagnosed the problem in 15 Minutes, concluding with confidence that only ONE part needed to be replaced and the total cost would be less than $1000.

Parts were ordered, and a date set for the work to be done… And while the car was being fixed, they also spotted that my brakes were very worn, and so were some other wear and tear items (all of which was not diagnosed by VW; both during the appointment and the scheduled servicing a couple months earlier).

I think my “brand allegiance” became blind loyalty…

And I will never be blind again.

VW Passat owner, via facebook on 01 July 2015

Didn’t Think You Could Pull It Off!

Mervyn (email, 27 Jun 2015)

Dear Eugene & Team, thank you for getting my shocks installed & rims spraying done within a day. I didn’t think you could pull it off. I know there was probably alot of co-ordinating that needs to be done. Fantastic! My #1 choice workshop from now.

No Regrets – ECU Upgrade and Gearbox Calibration!


No regret to the ECU upgrade and gearbox calibration. Thumbsup!

Very Satisfied With Service

Oh See Min (via Facebook 6 May 2015)

Steven was able to accurately diagnose the root cause of the noise problem after a drive around the neighbourhood.

He also pointed out an important feature which I was not aware of, that enables smoother control of the car. I’m very satisfied with his service. Till the next time, VAG!

- via facebook reviews on 06 May 2015

Customer Reviews 2014

DSG Calibration & RennTech Modul… Smooth Like Butter

Johnson Ong (via Facebook)

Hi Eugene,

my drive up wto Malacca was awesome. After the DSG calibration, the engine was running smooth like butter at 180kmh.

For town use, the renntech modul gave me the ooomphh…

Audi S4 owner, via facebook

Will Not Hesitate to Recommend My Friends to This Workshop

Mints Lim (via email 17 Jun 2014)

Hi, I write to draw your attention to the excellent customer and service repair carried out by one of your staff, Mr Steven Lim, to my vehicle, SKF*42*.

I was told by another workshop that my engine had a problem and needed major repair. Due to the cost, I was procrastinating for a while, until I heard of your Toh Guan Road branch. Really without any regret! My problem with the noise coming out of the engine got rectified – it was found to be only ignition coils, not the engine needed overhauling. On one hand I was very happy but on the other, I was very annoyed for the wrong diagnosis.

I will not hesitate to recommend my friends to visit this workshop manned by Mr Steven Lim. My purpose of writing this email is to draw your attention to good staff who are asset to your Company. Steven Lim is definitely one of them. I wish him, Steven Lim, well and would send my car there from now.


Mints Lim, Audi A4 owner, sent by email on 17 June 2014

Now The Car Does Not Have Juddering Issue!

FarisPitBrakes (via Forums)

hello i just bought a mk6 tsi 1.4 mileage 60k. after a few weeks driving i can feel some juddering driving upslope or making a u turn. i then went to vags to do the dsg calibration and now the car does not have any juddering issue.

it basically let the gears shifts up on a higher rpm . i can see a gear 1 finally.

Forumer FarisPitBrakes, VW Golf owner

You’re The Main Reason Why I Continue To Buy and Use VW

Private Message

Mr Chan, Ah Seng was very professional in diagnosing my problem and solving it. Lino is also very helpful. Having you and your team as my mechanic is one of the main reasons why I continue to buy and use VW cars!

Volkswagen owner, via private message.

Customer Reviews 2013

Top Job – Really

L. Weber (via email on 7 June 2013)

Hi Eugene

I was to write you all a reply by today! Yes, the car (after being VAG Tuned) feels great and got no power-lag whatsoever. Top Job – really.

The acceleration is much smoother and without timely gaps, hence the responsiveness and pick-up is greatly enhanced.

Excellent Customer Service & Dedication

Alvin Loh (via email 13 Nov 2013)

It was top notch service from Chan Kian Ann. He never failed to impress me with this excellent customer service and dedication.

Resolve my exhaust warning light on 2 separate occasions and rectify within less than an hour.

2 thumbs up for Chan!

via email on 13 November 2013

DSG Calibration is Fantastic, Super Smooth & Quick Power Delivery

Rick Zhong (via email 21 Nov 2013)

Hi Eugene

The DSG calibration is fantastic, super smooth and quick power delivery. The turbo lag is reduced a lot.

The difference is almost on par with stage1 upgrade.

Audi A3 owner – via email on 21 November 2013

Performance & Drive Quality Superb


You guys are amazing. Thanks for solving my juddering issues. The performance and drive is superb.

Renntech Throttle Modul… More Than I Expected!

Daniel (via email 12 Oct 2013)

Hi Eugene/Darren,

Thanks for recommending Renntech Throttle Device! It works great on my car, more than I have expected. It is very responsive and feels like a completely new turbo engine in my car.

So far, I have only tried the standard ‘sport and eco’ modes, not even ‘race’ yet. The thought of other customised combinations is exciting.


Mercedes B180 owner, via email on 12 Oct 2013

Feels Like Driving A Sport Version… A Great Feel!


Dear VAG Management, I would like to thank your staff, Ryan for his personalized service for my recent New Beetle major servicing.

Ryan not only helped me better understand the services done for my New Beetle but also offered valuable advice in taking care of my car. I was much enlightened from all that he had took time to share with me.

Thank you VAG and once again, Thank you, Ryan. I will be sure to return to VAG for my next servicing.

Ng, Volkswagen Beetle owner, via email on 04 Dec 2013

Good Power… Fantastic

Gan Sek Hui (via email 27 Oct 2013)

Hi Eugene,

I’m Gan from Penang Audi A4 2.0 for last week tuning. Good power & DSG gear so smooth easy to take 200km/h plus.


Gan Sek Hui, Penang, Malaysia, Audi 2.0T, via email on 27 Oct 2013

Caractere Installed in Indonesia… Nice!

Teddy Sutanto (via email 7 May 2013)

Hi Darren,

I am attaching the Caractere fitted to my A4!!

Very nice.

Kind Regards,

– Audi A4 owner, Indonesia, by email on 07 May 2013.

Thanks for the sound advice

Kenny (via email 6 Jun 2013)

Hi guys,

Just want to thank Rion for checking and service my car. It was great and at least, had given me sound advice for a newbie like me.


VW Jetta owner, via email on 6 June 2013

Wow! A Lot More Fun To Drive

Marc (via email 21 Nov 2013)

Wow! A lot more fun to drive. I put it on red max.

I explored changing the gearbox settings for the gear not to move up so fast and the car always at 2000 rpm, but this basically does it. The engine is always above 3000 rpm. And it gets there faster.

It is best driven manual so that the computer / gear is always at the right one. If not, the computet tries to catch up a bit fast and the engine is always revving up and down in busy traffic.

For my wife, I think I will keep it somewhere lower though till she gets used to it (and because she never drives manual).

Too bad we can’t install something even more pushy.


Audi A3 1.6 owner – via email on 21 November 2013

Feels Like Driving A Sport Version… A Great Feel!

Satisfied Customer

Thanks Eugene. For the great service in DSG calibration for my ride.The effect of it makes me feel like driving a sports version. It’s a great feel! Thanks once again

Customer Reviews 2012

Brake Pads Damn Good Bro


Bro your brake pads are damn good, literally dustless…

Impressed With Services and People in Your Organisation

Chua Cheng Kwee (via email 7 Feb 2012)

Thank you Ms Ang – and you guys should be proud of your service level – I am very impressed so far with the services and people I have dealt with in your organisation – Well done!

– , Audi A8L owner, via email on being sent his pre-inspection report on 07 Feb 2012

Personalized Service… Assurance to Customers… A Garbage Bag Adventure Ends

Blackcruiser (via vagsg.com 12 Dec 2012)

I paid VAG a visit and challange Chan on a mod not been done before. Confidently, he say its possible. Weeks later with all the parts shipped in and 8 hours later after sending the car in…

With servicing done as well, their price is pretty reasonable too.

– blackcruiser, Audi A3 owner (originally posted on vagsg.com)

Chan is a pro. Highly recommended!

Patrick Goh

Chan is a pro. Highly recommended!

Kudos for all the honest feedback!

Kayson (via vag.sg)

Just installed my s tronic gear knob. Look amazing!! Also kudos for all the honest feedback by Darren! Definitely coming back for other mods…

– Audi owner (originally posted on vag.sg)

Customer Reviews 2011

My Servicing Experience at VAG Singapore

Kelvyn via vagsg.com

Congrats on VAG’s opening another specialist autoshop for Audi and VW group cars in Singapore. I think it’s the only one in the west at the moment, so there is a captive market by geography alone.

I went down last Friday as was procrastinating for a while on my oil change service. As I live around the area, it definitely is a boon for me to have a VAG workshop within 5-10 minutes cab ride away to home.

Getting there was not a problem – just get off the PIE at Bukit batok exit, left and then right into toh guan road east. The workshop is 4 stories up at block 48. Workshop space is large with three hoists – definitely better equipped than many smaller VAG workshops.

Met the owners, John and admired his beautifully kept A4, Love that integrated MMI, and Chan, the key technical person. Seems to me that he did his job well while servicing my car. No tools and parts were chucked on the floor, for example – something I dislike. Servicing took about 45 minutes, it was not a rushed job. First, check VAGCOM for fault codes. Then Chan quickly made a note of stuff that were not working (window switch autodown, VIN plate bulb). Then engine flush and change oil. Then, check undercarriage. After servicing , Chan took the car out for a short test drive. I hope this scope of the servicing is not forgotten when the workshop is busier.

Anyway, it was fun seeing an experienced mechanic working, it’s really amazing what years of technical work can add to a persons’ skillset. For example, Chan accurately pointed out that my suspension was shot before my latest set of tyres were put on. To me, that’s something that can only come from years of experience. The bill is on par with workshops like autospritz and rstuning – cheaper than PA’s.

I will definitely return as I find the location convenient for me. It helps that the owners are nice down to earth people, and that the chief technical officer is a highly experienced , ex-PA guy. John tells me the shop also carries lots of parts for modding.

Once again, congrats to VAG for your opening, and wish you the best of luck in your new business.

PS: Fantastic website, guys!

– Audi A4 Owner

Prompt, Responsive, Convenient… Cheap!

aleksandr (via vag.sg 8 Aug 2011)

Just did some emergency maintenence at VAG and very pleased with the level of service I received. Read a lot about VAG here and its only 5 minutes from my place, so no brainer for me to visit them.

Drove down at 9am this morning with a leaking radiator. Mentioned to Chan that I needed the car back by today since I have plans for tomorrow (National Day and all..) and he said no problem. Collected my car at 3plus, problem solved! Prompt, responsive service, convenient location (for me at least!) and best of all, cheap! Two thumbs up!

– Audi A6 owner (originally posted on vag.sg)

I Will Not Hesitate To Entrust My Car To Your Care Again!

Jeff (via email 7 Sep 2011)

Thank you Chan and your team of mechanics for the meticulousness and dedication to the job, without which I would still be none the wiser about the condition of my car despite having it checked and serviced before.

The turnaround time for the repairs was also kept short, to my pleasant surprise. And my thanks to John and Darren for the enhancement tips and good deals, with which I have been able to enjoy my car a whole lot more at an affordable price.

The overall personalised service offered by the crew at VAG Singapore has made the experience an enjoyable one, and I will not hesitate to entrust my car to your care again in future! Best of luck to you guys!

- Audi A4 B7 owner, via email on 7 September 2011

Advice From A Brother

Rogue Golf (via vagsg.com)

Bro Panerai,

If i am you, i’ll take your ride over immediately to http://www.vag.sg/ for it’s run by Mr. Chan Kian Ann & i personally believe that he’s 2nd to none. Many workshops that cannot troubleshoot after repeated tries will look for Mr. Chan & i don’t trust workshop easily nor recommend any lightly…

Chan was the Ex. workshop Manager for Premium Auto, he was the one responsible for my car since day 1 ownership right up to the day when i sold it & my ex ride 3rd owner still seek him out. I could go on & on but suffice to say that you’ll not be disappointed. I’ve known Chan since mid 90′ when i was driving the Audi A6 C4

– originally posted on vagsg.com

Impressed With Your Expertise & Impartial Advice

Bill Chan (via email 5 Sep 2011)

Hi Chan and John, wonderful experience to visit your workshop. I am impressed with your expertise and impartial advice. Here is my reflection…

My 6-yr-old Passat clocked 16L/100km in the morning before i reached your workshop. Over the period (25Aug till today), on average was 12.12L/100km.

After Chan’s magic work, I was on AYE, it showed 6.5L/100km. I shall monitor it. Amazingly smooth the engine, the gear shifts seamlessly. Instead of staying at 3000-4000rpm, it is now less than 2000rpm. Engine becomes quieter than used to be.

Pls also say “Thanks” to your friendly staff who spent the whole morning with my car.

Keep in touch.

Two thumbs up!

– Volkswagen Passat owner, via email on 05 Sept 2011

I’m a Fanboi, Mr Chan

CoreDump (via vagsg.com on 21 Jul 2011 )

I remember jumping for joy as I read, with much interest, the feeler thread that was put out about location when the team was just still discussing this. I’d personally visited Autospritze, HAT etc in the past, and while they are good places/setups, I would have preferred not to have to fight traffic all the way to the East since I live in the West.

Well, I made my first visit to VAG today as it was time to do an oil change and met John and Mr Chan.

When I arrived in the morning, Mr Chan was already with someone and I watched them diagnose a noise problem in the engine compartment with much interest. That took a while to finish up but I wouldn’t have it any other way ‘cos i saw with my own eyes the care and effort Mr Chan was putting in to diagnose the problem.

The workspace was clean and tidy. Service was good and without fuss. Their website is full of poison.. all I can say is that I’m a convert and I am unabashedly a huge fanboi of Mr Chan now.

Looks like other than the standard visits to PA, I’ll be putting in some time at VAG now.

Mr Chan – thanks for buying me kopi at lunch. Next time, my turn, yeah? Looking forward to hearing more about your gadget and mod experiments.

I would highly recommend VAG @ Toh Guan

evo30 (via vag.sg)

Been visited to a few Audi Specialised workshops, I would conclude that… for some performance enhancement job, I would go to those who are experienced in modding many Audi cars.

…if you stay west area, I would highly recommend VAG @ Toh Guan, although they are newly opened workshop but their experience on Audi cars has more than 20 years, speak to Mr Chan you will know.

I am not associated with them in any way, just a simple satisfied customer who visited last weekend.

– evo30, Audi owner (originally posted on vag.sg)

Personalized Service… Assurance to Customers… A Garbage Bag Adventure Ends

Hatchlover, ftear, tippyneo, ross (via vagsg.com 5 Sep 2011)

“a quick shout out to the guys at VAG Singapore for helping to replace my wheel bearings. Despite some minor hiccups trying to identify the correct parts, Chan and his team of mechanics were very patient and helpful.

The organized and systematic manner in which they carry out their job is quite an assurance to customers.”


“I sent my Touran for brake disc/pad change and also to replace the electrical fan this week and I must say that I’m quite satisfied with their services. I will certainly have my next servicing done at VAG.”


“VAG has indeed impressed me with their service and personalized service style.



“Dropped by last Friday as drove over a large plastic bag which fell off a truck on PIE, it melted onto the exhaust…..VAG removed it and the burning smell FOC within 5 mins of being there.

Muchas Gracias…will be round for a service this week.”


Kudos to VAG!

The Guy in Green (via vagsg.com 2 Jul 2011)

Kudos to VAG for staying open and waiting for me till 1900hrs today as I phoned them to troubleshoot an exhaust warning light which popped out of no good reason today. AND I AM NOT EVEN YET A CUSTOMER!!!

Thanks to Chan who patiently plugged in the VAGCOM and diagnosed the fault as a dirty charcoal collector, and suggested that I should go back to VCS if my car was still under warranty to fix the problem!

Amazing service, and amazing team you have there, VAG. Never once did I feel pressured to purchase anything nor unnecessarily poisoned; only genuine friendship and passion for VAG cars!

With this, I am definitely convinced of VAG’s authenticity, and their proficiency and professionalism stands out amongst some of the other workshops which I have patronised before.

I am definitely going back there for my future servicings, and who knows, maybe a few mods here and there.

The guy in green who came by today (originally posted on vagsg.com)

Many Thanks, VAG!

Andrew H. (via email 28 June 2011)

Wow! that is one word to describe the guys at VAG!

I brought my much beloved Audi TT to them for a headlight upgrade and not only did the parts arrive faster than anticipated the level of expert knowledge they have cannot be matched! I will definitely get my car serviced here even though I live on the east coast.

Darren is a really great guy, customer centric and helpful on any questions you have. John and Chan are also just as great.

Their workshop is clean and impressive and I cannot recommend them more to any prospective Audi or VW owner.

Many thanks VAG!

– Audi TT Owner

Kudos to The VAG Team! (via email 22 Jul 2011)

HT (via email 22 Jul 2011)

Just wanted drop a note to commend the good people at VAG. Since its opening, I have been dropping by quiet regularly, almost weekly, hee hee! sometimes just to chat with them. Live near by mah…

I was there to take advantage of the launch promo for the engine protection package. That was the first time I saw Chan at work. As mentioned by several guys who have been there, he is truly a pro and know his stuff well, and will patiently explain if u have questions. That was very reassuring !

The installation of my RS5 BBK was an eventful one. They realized that the stock wheel bolts were too short, and needed to get longer ones, that was already pass 6pm and most workshop were already close or closing. The guys went around hunting for the bolts, and Chan offered his car for me to pick up my kid first. I was almost giving up to come back another day, but i can sense they really want to get it done that day, so i dun have to come back. Chan even offered me his car for the night and said they will get it done that night and i can come back in the morning. In the end, I think they managed to find the bolts using Chan’s network. The BBKs were installed, bedded in, and double checked by Chan before passing over the keys to me at about 930pm. When I told Chan paiseh they need to work so late. He mentioned he stayed back till 1am just afew days back. Solid dedication!!

2 weeks later, I was back again to fix up my S5 grille. This time around everything went smoothly. They even managed to swap the S5 badge with my quattro badge. Top quality workmanship I must say. I also brought down my engine oil and ask Chan to help me top up, lazy la. When I collect the car and asked if the oil was topped up. Not only was it done, he actually used their own engine oil instead of mine. Great Customer service !!

All in all, I must say John, Chan and Darren have provided excellent service. There is also another guy helping Chan, dunno his name, who is also positive and forthcoming in ‘entertaining’ my ignorant questions.

Kudos !!! to the VAG team.

– Audi A5 SB owner

Excellent Service and High Quality Parts!

Francis D. (via Facebook 24 Jun 2011)

I am pretty much a “stock-car” contented person. However, I began to understand the amazing things that will unlease the full the potential of my car.

I was really impressed with VAG’s patience to share their boundless source of knowledge and about getting the best out of my car.

I’ve upgraded my A5 with several original Audi parts that have transformed the way it looks.

Kudos, bros!!! Excellent service and high quality parts!

– Audi A5 owner.

I’m Really Impressed

Joshua (via sms 9 Oct 2011)

I like how your company run things…

I’m really impressed… That’s why I always go bk to you no matter how far u are…

– Audi A5 owner, via sms on 09 October 2011

Thank You Mr Chan

cocolatte (via vag.sg 11 Nov 2011)

Thank you Mr Chan. My roc is running very smoothly after the engine care products being used…

I can feel the difference now. Excellent service and i have to apologise that u have to rush in early at 8am to fix my roc.

See you soon for more poison.

– Volkswagen Scirocco owner (originally posted on vag.sg)

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