I'm a Fanboi, Mr Chan

I remember jumping for joy as I read, with much interest, the feeler thread that was put out about location when the team was just still discussing this. I'd personally visited Autospritze, HAT etc in the past, and while they are good places/setups, I would have preferred not to have to fight traffic all the way to the East since I live in the West.

Well, I made my first visit to VAG today as it was time to do an oil change and met John and Mr Chan.

When I arrived in the morning, Mr Chan was already with someone and I watched them diagnose a noise problem in the engine compartment with much interest. That took a while to finish up but I wouldn't have it any other way 'cos i saw with my own eyes the care and effort Mr Chan was putting in to diagnose the problem.

The workspace was clean and tidy. Service was good and without fuss. Their website is full of poison.. all I can say is that I'm a convert and I am unabashedly a huge fanboi of Mr Chan now.

Looks like other than the standard visits to PA, I'll be putting in some time at VAG now.

Mr Chan - thanks for buying me kopi at lunch. Next time, my turn, yeah? Looking forward to hearing more about your gadget and mod experiments.

- CoreDump (originally posted on vag.sg)




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