Kudos to The VAG Team!

Just wanted drop a note to commend the good people at VAG. Since its opening, I have been dropping by quiet regularly, almost weekly, hee hee! sometimes just to chat with them. Live near by mah...

RS5 Brake Retrofit for Audi A5 and S5  

I was there to take advantage of the launch promo for the engine protection package. That was the first time I saw Chan at work. As mentioned by several guys who have been there, he is truly a pro and know his stuff well, and will patiently explain if u have questions. That was very reassuring !

The installation of my RS5 BBK was an eventful one. They realized that the stock wheel bolts were too short, and needed to get longer ones, that was already pass 6pm and most workshop were already close or closing. The guys went around hunting for the bolts, and Chan offered his car for me to pick up my kid first. I was almost giving up to come back another day, but i can sense they really want to get it done that day, so i dun have to come back. Chan even offered me his car for the night and said they will get it done that night and i can come back in the morning. In the end, I think they managed to find the bolts using Chan's network. The BBKs were installed, bedded in, and double checked by Chan before passing over the keys to me at about 930pm. When I told Chan paiseh they need to work so late. He mentioned he stayed back till 1am just afew days back. Solid dedication!!

2 weeks later, I was back again to fix up my S5 grille. This time around everything went smoothly. They even managed to swap the S5 badge with my quattro badge. Top quality workmanship I must say. I also brought down my engine oil and ask Chan to help me top up, lazy la. When I collect the car and asked if the oil was topped up. Not only was it done, he actually used their own engine oil instead of mine. Great Customer service !!

All in all, I must say John, Chan and Darren have provided excellent service. There is also another guy helping Chan, dunno his name, who is also positive and forthcoming in 'entertaining' my ignorant questions.

Kudos !!! to the VAG team.

- HT, Audi A5 SB owner




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