Subaru XV by CarCrafters

Subaru XV Singapore

No Dirt

How can some workshops offer dirt cheap spray painting? The answer's in the word DIRT. Anyone can layer paint onto a dirty surface, and do it cheaply.

But for the discerning among us, preparation matters. It's foundational if you're building a house, starting a business or creating a family. And we take the same approach to spray painting a car.

Any car. Whatever the make or model, we prep each surface with care, taking days to remove every trace of ingrained dirt and levelling out near-invisible dents. That's how we do it at CarCrafters, our bodyworks specialist!

All Prepped

We've done the work. Worked the prep. Sweated the details, readying the car for her new coat of paint. But what colour?

You choose! How about ORANGE for the garden? Your daily dose of Vitamin C, sparkling on your driveway.

Any colour, any day, any car. We only use the best base paints, the same used by German car manufacturers. That's the way we do it at CarCrafters! 

Mirror Finished

Rear view in a mirror finish! Filtered sunlight and an unfiltered lens.

A paint job by CarCrafters, finished with pride.

Now you know the importance of surface prep before your car is spray painted. And over your choice of colour is sprayed several coats of top-grade gloss or matt lacquer that seal in the colour for years to come. To protect and reflect. Done right, the factory way.

If your car needs refreshing, there's no better place to be than CarCraftersSpeak to our team today - there's a link below the photos below!

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