How much extra power can you get?

Gains are for AVANTAGE Tuned Stage 1. See our other tuning options below.

Your AVANTAGE Tuned Engine and Gearbox Options



Reliably Fast

Ideal for sporty city driving and long distance touring in hot weather.

  • Optimised torque for daily city driving
  • Optimised power for hot weather conditions
  • Improved fuel economy option
  • No engine modifications required
  • 100% safe and fully reversible
  • AVANTAGE workshop support


Fast and Furious

Ideal for high speed urban driving and recreational track use.

  • Maximum torque for daily urban driving
  • Maximum power for high-speed applications
  • Performance hardware upgrades required
  • 100% safe and fully reversible
  • AVANTAGE workshop support


Gloriously Furious

Ideal for ultra-fast urban driving and competitive track use.

  • Explosive torque for maximum acceleration 
  • Bullet-train top-end for drag racing and time trials
  • Custom-tuned engine parameters
  • Extensive performance hardware upgrades required
  • Not recommended for inexperienced drivers
  • AVANTAGE workshop support


Strong and Smooth

Ideal for smooth and sporty daily urban driving in hot weather.

  • Optimised shift programmes to improve in-gear acceleration
  • Smoother gear shifts in auto mode
  • Elimination of judder, hesitation and jerkiness
  • Includes gearbox firmware update to latest available factory version
  • 100% safe and fully reversible
  • AVANTAGE workshop support


Strong to the Core

Ideal for high torque applications and track use in hot weather.

  • Increased torque limits for maximum in-gear acceleration
  • Enhanced gear shift speed
  • Optimised 1st gear for low-speed control
  • Improved clutch cooling and gearbox thermo-management
  • Launch control, redline limits and auto-shift bypass options
  • Optional race mode and calibration for race clutch hardware
  • Includes gearbox firmware update to latest available factory version
  • AVANTAGE workshop support


Wake-me-up Fast

Perfect for stock cars, awesome on tuned cars in hot weather.

  • Improved acceleration you can feel
  • Available for almost every car make and model
  • Popular for cars under warranty
  • Commonly paired with Stage 1 engine and gearbox tuning
  • The original and still the best plug-and-play throttle enhancer
  • Proven on hundreds of cars in Singapore
  • No-risk 7-day trial with money-back guarantee
  • AVANTAGE workshop support

About AVANTAGE Tuned

Specialist engine and gearbox tuning for Audi, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda, Land-Rover, Jaguar and other car makes.

Maps developed and dyno-tested in Europe then optimised for harsh urban conditions in the tropics with high ambient temps and heavy stop-start traffic.

 Every AVANTAGE Tuned car is backed up by our professional team of technical specialists who provide support for the lifetime of your tuned car.

Be Fast

AVANTAGE Tuned cars are regularly driven up to 300kph on long distance, high-speed, cross-border runs, and are also used for circuit racing and time trials.

But more importantly, AVANTAGE Tuned cars are optimised for your daily drive in Singapore's hot weather and start-stop urban conditions.

Be Confident

AVANTAGE Tuned software maps are meticulously designed to maximise engine and gearbox power output within the safety limits specified by the car manufacturer. 

Most importantly, every AVANTAGE Tuned car has our entire professional workshop team standing behind it.

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