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Engine Tuning


AVANTAGE VAG Tuning Singapore specialises in engine ECU and gearbox tuning for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini and many other car makes. Our AVANTAGE Tuned software maps are optimised for harsh urban conditions in the tropics with high ambient temperatures and daily stop-start traffic, and are meticulously designed to maximise engine and gearbox power output within the safety limits specified by the manufacturer.

Most importantly, AVANTAGE VAG workshop specialists are on hand to provide technical support for the lifetime of your tuned car. That's what's made AVANTAGE Tuned by AVANTAGE VAG the preferred choice for hundreds of discerning car owners in Singapore.

Always tune your car with a reputable tuner.

AVANTAGE Tuned Options

AVANTAGE Tuned is designed for maximum power and torque within factory safety limits. Here are the tuning options available for your car.


Sprintbooster by AVANTAGE VAG is a plug-and-play solution that fits all cars, whether tuned or not. They are particularly popular for cars under warranty and can be paired with a Stage 1 tune. Here's what Sprintbooster offers:

  • Faster throttle response
  • Perfect for stock cars, awesome on tuned cars
  • Can be matched with AVANTAGE Tuned Stage 1 or AVANTAGE Tuned Custom
  • Plug and play for almost all car models including the full Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Mini model range

Click here for more details on Sprintbooster for your car, whether it's tuned or not.

AVANTAGE Tuned Stage 1

AVANTAGE Tuned Stage 1 maps are built for your specific make, model and engine and/or gearbox.

Here's what you can expect from these proven tuning options:

  • Optimal balance between real-life torquey power and improved fuel economy
  • No additional hardware modifications required
  • 100% safe and fully reversible
  • Ideal for daily street use
  • Available for almost all cars (AVANTAGE Tuned Custom is available for less common makes and models or specific applications)

AVANTAGE Tuned Custom

Custom tuning for highly modified cars allows maximum performance to be extracted from all your hardware modifications.

AVANTAGE Tuned Custom is also used to create a customized power map specifically for car models where a Stage 1 map is not readily available off-the-shelf.

Here's what you'll get with AVANTAGE Tuned Custom:

  • A fully customized remap with on-road logging for enhanced accuracy
  • Does away with traditional Stage 2 and Stage 3 ECU chipping
  • Explosive power and bullet-train torque
  • Hardware modifications are necessary
  • Ideal for race, track, or very fast street use
  • Not recommended for inexperienced drivers

AVANTAGE Tuned Gearbox Tuning & Calibration

Hundreds of cars in Singapore have had their gearboxes professionally repaired and tuned by AVANTAGE VAG. AVANTAGE Tuned gearboxes include Audi Stronic/Multitronic/Rtronic/Tiptronic, BMW DCT/Steptronic, Mercedes 7G-Tronic/9G-Tronic, Volkswagen DSG, and many other automatic gearbox applications.

Here are the top benefits:

  • Much faster and smoother gearshifts
  • Elimination of judder, hesitation and jerkiness
  • Launch control, auto-shift bypass and increased redline are options enabled

Click here to find out more about AVANTAGE Tuned gearbox tuning and calibration for your car.

The AVANTAGE Tuned Experience

AVANTAGE VAG partners top European tuners to develop AVANTAGE Tuned maps that are specifically adapted to the tropical heat and urban traffic of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Exclusively available from AVANTAGE VAG, AVANTAGE Tuned powers some of Singapore's most popular premium cars and is the only performance tune for road and track-ready cars that is fully adapted to tropical climates.

Here's what you can look forward to from your tuned car:

  • Explosive acceleration, with much better low-down torque where it really matters.
  • More horsepower gained per dollar than any other upgrade - getting AVANTAGE Tuned is the single best horsepower investment you can ever make for your car.
  • Improved fuel efficiency for specific applications.
  • Specialist workshop support - no other tuner in Asia comes close to AVANTAGE VAG's race tuning expertise backed up by decades of hands-on experience with Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini and other cars.

At AVANTAGE VAG, you are promised award-winning performance with unparalleled technical support.


Trusted and highly rated by thousands of happy car owners in Singapore, AVANTAGE VAG provides servicing, repair, tuning, and a full range of specialist car services at 4 convenient locations in Singapore. Our technicians are guided by factory-spec tools and our repairs with genuine parts are warrantied for up to 2 years.