TVS Engineering Singapore

TVS Engineering partners with AVANTAGE VAG in Singapore and is among the world's most respected gearbox specialists for Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda.

TVS is a highly-regarded European tuner and technical specialist for VAG-group car makes, with an outstanding track record of technical excellence and expertise.

Respected by true performance enthusiasts within the VAG community worldwide, TVS and AVANTAGE VAG are a partnership 'made in heaven' for Singapore-based car owners, if you're looking for an experienced team to back you up - whatever your driving goals!

TVS Engineering Singapore

TVS Engineering
AVANTAGE VAG gearbox tuning by TVS Engineering

In Partnership With TVS ENGINEERING

AVANTAGE VAG partners with TVS Engineering to develop proprietary calibration and tuning software for gearboxes which are exposed to hot climates and harsh urban conditions.

TVS is a world-renown gearbox specialist and as partners we provide gearbox solutions for hot weather urban driving to many specialist workshops in Singapore and the region.

If you're looking for the world's No.1 gearbox specialist and Singapore's No.1 VAG-car specialist, look no further than the TVS - AVANTAGE VAG partnership.

TVS Engine Tuning

TVS ECU tuning for Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda are available in 4 Stages, each designed for specific applications.

  • Stage I for stock cars with no performance upgrades
  • Stage II for stock cars with some performance upgrades
  • Stage III for high performance cars with upgraded superchargers or turbos
  • Stage IV for race or track cars with enhanced forced induction

TVS engine software is highly recommended for TVS gearbox-tuned cars.

TVS DSG Tuning

TVS specialises in calibration and tuning of DSG gearboxes for VW Group cars - Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda and Porsche.

  • Driveability & Life Extender Programme is highly recommended for all VAG-make cars for improved driveability and lifespan
  • Stage I for lightly-tuned cars
  • Stage II for increased performance and gearbox lifespan in tuned cars
  • Stage III for highly-tuned cars
  • Stage IV for race cars

Every single Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT or Skoda on the road will experience tangible improvements with TVS Tuning. If there's a specialist you can trust to tune your gearbox, it's AVANTAGE VAG.

DSG Gearbox Tuning Options

All the options you need for top shifting performance!

Optimised D + S + M Shift Programmes 

Improved unique shifting strategies matching your engine characteristic for ultra smooth up- and downshifting.

First Gear Re-/De-activation

The main goal to reactivate the first gear is to reduce clutch slip resulting in less heat generation and clutch wear. For wet clutch applications shifting sooner to second gear might solve drivability issues. TVS always uses the best strategy for every application!

Improved Clutch Cooling 

Clutch cooling is improved by increasing the oil flow. This will reduce the possibility of clutch overheating and material deformation.

Improved Thermo-Management

Improved thermomanagement will ensure that the transmission is always operating in the correct temperature range and warns the driver in case the DSG reaches critical temperatures.

Raised Torque Limiters

Torque limiters need to be raised to utilize maximum potential performance of tuned engines. This also ensures the TCU can operate correctly at higher torque levels and calculations are not limited.

Increased Maximum Clutch Pressure

Within normal operation range and under steady conditions, clutch oil pressures can be assumed proportional to clutch torque handlings. So to handle more torque, more pressure is needed!

Improved Shifting Speed 

Ultra fast gear shifts in all DSG modes. Smooth on low load, ultra fast on high load!

Improved Shift Paddle Response

Improved steering wheel paddles response. Smooth on low load, ultra fast on high load!

Faster Upshifts 

Ultra fast upshifts in all DSG modes. Smooth on low load, ultra fast on high load!

Faster Downshifts

Ultra fast downshifts in all DSG modes. Smooth on low load, ultra fast on high load!

Smoother Take-Offs 

Improved take-off control calibrations resulting in smooth take-offs without factory bumps or drivability issues.

Improved Torque Reduction

DSG torque reductions are mainly used to synchronize both clutches after shifting, therefore perfect timing is key for ultra fast and smooth shifting!

Custom Upshift RPM Set Points

Perfectly matching upshift speeds based on engine characteristics and customer wishes.

Custom Downshift RPM Set Points

Perfectly matching downshift speeds based on engine characteristics and customer wishes.

Deactivation of Auto-Shift in Manual

Gain full control over your vehicle in Manual (M) mode. No more unwanted automatic upshifts or unwanted automatic downshifts and "kickdown" in Manual.

Race Mode Without Torque Reduction

Unique racing mode without torque reduction during shifting. All available power will be used for acceleration and no power will be interrupted during shifting which helps to shave off the last tens of a seconds! (*Increased vehicle wear, only recommended for racing applications).

Improved Launch Control Response

Quicker launch times due to reduced take off delay. More responsive launches after releasing the brake pedal without any more factory delays.

Multi-Step Launch Control RPM Limits

Accelerator pedal dependent launch modes which allow the driver to adjust LC RPM, clutch engagement and power to match any situation and conditions.

Launch Control With ESP On

Launch control with ESP ON enabled. Especially for vehicles with FWD or traction issues ESP often helps to improve launch times.

Boosted Launch Mode

Special anti-lag Launch mode for quickest possible launches and a true motorsport experience. Racing applications only.

Race Clutch Calibration

Perfectly matched race clutch characteristics calibrations to ensure the perfect balance between performance and drivability!

Gear Display Activation

Enabling MFA gear indication in any driving mode.

Reduced Engine Braking

Reduced aggressive and harsh downshifting due excessive engine braking without sacrificing responsiveness.

Coasting Disabling

Factory coasting can be enabled or disabled for basically any DSG application.

Gearbox Tuning Reviews

We've been tuning Audi, Volkswagen, SEAT and Skoda gearboxes for over a decade. See our 10 years of 5-star reviews: Gearbox tuning reviews in Singapore.

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