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AVANTAGE VAG offers used car parts in Singapore for Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen and other makes which are in excellent working condition, usually taken off from cars which have undergone upgrades. Ideal for those times when brand-new isn't a top priority, but you need assurance of quality and full serviceability.

Wheels, brakes, exhausts, steering wheels, headlights, bumpers and other body parts and even interior parts are almost always available. 

Call us at +65 6515 9515 or email our sales team if you're looking for specific used parts, we have pre-owned parts that come in all the time and are snapped up within days by walk-in customers.




  • Audi RS 8 pot brake kit with 365mm wave rotors and brand new kevlar dust-free brake pads
  • Carbon fibre S4/5 flat bottom steering wheel (badge can be changed)
  • VW 18” Interlago wheels (95% new)
  • 18″ genuine Audi 5-spoke wheels (set of 4)  with 9-mth old tyres – original fitment for A4 B8, A5. (ref:JL)



  • Audi A4/S4 B8
    • Stock exhaust system.
    • B8.5 headlamp housing left + right
  • Audi A5/S5 B8
    • Rear brake kit with 330mm rotors
  • Audi RS4
    • B8.5 optik black instrument cluster panel.
  • Audi RS5 B8
    • Stock exhaust system
  • Audi RS6 C7
    • Stock exhaust system
  • Audi R8
    • 19” stock wheels in Matt Platinum Grey with Pirelli PZero tyres.
    • 19” stock wheels.
    • side engine bay covers (very good condition – no rust)
  • BMW E9x M3
    • Complete brake kit front and rear – calipers, rotors, pads and brake lines

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