2013 Audi A5 LED Tail Light Retrofit

The 2013 Audi A5 LED tailight retrofit by VAG Singapore is a complete LED tail light solution for all previous generations of Audi A5s. If your Audi A5 didn’t come with LED tail lights, here’s an investment  in OEM tail lamps from the 2013 model year A5 that will immediately increase the aesthetic appeal, safety (LED bulbs light faster) and value of your Audi A5!

The VAG solution includes an original set of tail lights from the 2013 Audi A5 and all required wiring. The complex electronics coding is undertaken by our skilled technicians, and you can be sure that you will drive away with error-free LED tail lights and a big smile on your face!

Check out the retrofit done on the Audi S5 below – the first in Singapore and probably in Southeast Asia, plus other fantastic photos from a similar A5 modified in the USA!

Contact VAG Singapore for your 2013 Audi A5 LED tail light retrofit now!

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