Volkswagen Lighting Upgrades by VAG

VAG offers a number of lighting upgrades to Volkswagen owners that improve performance, safety and aesthetics.

Volkswagen Golf Inner Brake Light Activation

VAG has pioneered the factory-standard activation of the inner brake lights for the Volkswagen MkVI Golf.

From the factory, only the outer lights on the VW Golf 6 act as brake lights. VAG can activate your inner lights to act as additional brake lights, increasing the overall brightness of your brake light array. The increased brightness improves visibility to cars following you and reduces the chances of a rear collision, a significant safety improvement especially important for hatchbacks.

VAG’s inner brake light activation is proprietary and involves no wire cutting or modification to the brake system, and promises to be one of the most inexpensive and popular upgrades available to discerning VW owners in Singapore.

Speak to our Volkswagen specialists at VAG about inner brake light activation for your VW Golf today.

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