VAG Air Suspension

VAG air suspension for Audi is manufactured by Accuair, the world’s leading manufacturer of sport air suspension kits. Accuair suspension kits ensure you can go from sporty driving on B-roads or the racetrack to clearing the steepest ramps and humps in your neighbourhood.

VAG has rigorously tested the Accuair kit on a 2010 Audi S4 at highway speeds up to 260km/h, on twisty and bumpy country roads at speeds of 160km/h, and in urban conditions – carpark ramps, speed humps and all manner of city streets.

We are extremely pleased with the flexibility provided by the air suspension kit, especially when coupled with a magnetic damping system like the Audi Drive Select (ADS). 

Below are some shots of the car slammed with the wheels literally millimetres from the fenders.

And below is the same car raised with at least 80mm of clearance at each corner. Note that this S4 has been upgraded with an allroad body from the Audi factory.

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