AVANTAGE Intel Modul

The AVANTAGE Intel Modul (also known as the VAG DIS Controller) adds powerful functionality to your Volkswagen – so powerful that it as one of the top MUST HAVE enhancements for any Volkswagen today.

The AVANTAGE Intel Modul pulls useful data from your ECU such as oil temp, air temp, intake/exhaust temp, boost pressure, etc, and provides the information right where you need it – in your OEM dashboard driver information system. The AVANTAGE Intel Modul (formerly the VAG RennTech Intel Modul) works with both red and white dash display systems.

This is a credible option if you’re considering a boost gauge for your car.

The AVANTAGE Intel Modul is currently available only for Volkswagen and Skoda models, an Audi version will be released soon.

Some other key features of the AVANTAGE Intel Modul are listed below.

Key Features

  • Enable Video in Motion enable (You can now watch videos on the move!
  • Enable auto mirror dip when in reverse gear
  • Enable or disable rain closing for windows (when rain sensor detect rains, windows automatically close)
  • Enable or disable daytime running lights
  • Select the number of intermittent flashes that the indicator makes – customize from standard 3 flashes to up to 10 flashes
  • Improve functionality for the OEM/Fiscon bluetooth system with its own built-in menu
  • Display the following information real time:
  • Oil temperature (ºC/ºF)
  • Coolant temperature (ºC/ºF)
  • External temperature (ºC/ºF)
  • Emission temperature (ºC/ºF) 
  • Remaining fuel (Liters/Gallon)
  • Engine RPM
  • Real Speed
  • Turbo pressure
  • Battery voltage (V)
  • Option to switch off the AVANTAGE Intel Modul (totally undetectable when off)

Buy With Confidence

  • Built by VAG specialists
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • 1 year international VAG warranty
  • Plug and play, module and wiring will be completely invisible
  • Installs within 1-2 hours, professional installation recommended
  • Modul and all necessary wiring plus installation instructions included


  • Volkswagen Golf / Golf GTI / Golf R (Mk5 & Mk6)
  • Volkswagen Caddy 
  • Volkswagen EOS 
  • Volkswagen Jetta / Rabbit (Mk5 & Mk6)
  • Volkswagen Passat, Passat CC
  • Volkswagen Scirocco, Scirocco R
  • Volkswagen Sharan
  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Touran
  • Skoda Octavia

The AVANTAGE Intel Modul is a must-have you will appreciate every time you fire up your Volkswagen engine and sit at the controls. Get it now!

We recommend the VAG Driver Information System Controller for all VW cars. Get your AVANTAGE Intel Modul now!

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