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The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul improves throttle response on any car fitted with a drive by wire accelerator – which includes most modern cars. The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul is a plug and play control unit that tailors throttle response to ýour preference and driving conditions.

The improved responsiveness makes driving a lot more fun, while the instant acceleration will greatly improve your sense of control and safety. Find out more about the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul which is available for most cars of all makes and models, not just Audi and Volkswagen. In fact, many Porsche, BMW and Mercedes owners have had nothing but praise for the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul (formerly the VAG RennTech Throttle Modul).

Throttle Response Explained

Most modern vehicles are “drive-by-wire”, meaning that acceleration is achieved by way of an electronic signal and not by a mechanical Bowden cable. The problem is that these systems often suffer from a significant signal delay, which the AVANTAGE Throttle Moduleeliminates.

The throttle response curve below shows the speed at which an engine responds to the driver burying the accelerator. The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul reduces the delay, especially under heavy acceleration.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

AVANTAGE Throttle Modul Overview

The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul fits between the accelerator pedal sensor and the engine control module, and enhances the engines response to the accelerator pedal signal. This function is similar to the “sports button” found on many cars – only better and with more control.

With a AVANTAGE Throttle Module, “throttle lag” is a thing of the past. The input is immediately followed by the response, giving the sensation that the vehicle is accelerating harder than before. However, while retaining the standard engine control unit, the torque remains the same, with the effect coming from the improved response times.

Using the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul all settings can be carried out from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Whether you’re overtaking a truck or stuck in traffic, the choice of four programmes, each with six levels of fine adjustment, makes driving a very relaxed affair.

Professional installation is required although you could install this yourself if you are a capable DIY mechanic and have the right tools. 


Key Benefits

The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul offers discerning drivers several impressive benefits:

  • Quality product made in Germany
  • Programmed for each individual car, make and model
  • 3 driving modes each with 7 levels of customization
  • Compatible with manual and automatic transmissions
  • Response time can be halved at low rpm
  • Fuel consumption can be improved in the Eco Mode
  • Heat resistant housing with EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) cover eliminates any interference with other electronic devices
  • Temperature-resistant OEM connectors ensure durability

3 Driving Modes, 21 Maps

The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul gives you a choice of three driving modes which give you full control over how your vehicle will respond to throttle input:

“SPORT mode”

When you select SPORT mode, throttle response is improved by up to 16 per cent, making this setting ideal for most conditions.

“SPORT Plus”
For the sporty driver, the SPORT Plus modehas been described as “putting the car on steroids”. Mundane manoeuvres, such as merging with other traffic or overtaking become fun events.

“ECO mode”
The ECO mode makes light work of stop and go city traffic. With a dampened throttle response there’s no need to continually regulate the vehicles speed through the accelerator pedal, which makes for a smooth and relaxed drive. In ECO mode you could also improve fuel consumption by adapting your driving style.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Modul OFF
Selecting OFF returns the throttle response to the original factory settings and is best used for driving on very slippery road surfaces such as ice, snow or heavy rain.

6 Maps For Each Mode
The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul gives you six maps to optimize each of the four driving modes, giving you 24 customizable settings to suit any day – or driver – you choose for your car. With these, you can fine-tune the sensitivity through 3 levels or dampen it in 3 incremental settings.

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

Although you will be able to change settings while your car is moving, for safety reasons you will be only able to do so when you take your foot off the accelerator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a unique AVANTAGE Throttle Modul for each vehicle type and why?
Each vehicle type has different parameters and mapping. In order to optimize performance, the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul is tailored to suit each vehicle.

Has the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul been registered with inspection bodies such as the TÜV (“Technischer Überwachungsverein” or Technical Inspection Association)?
Because the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul is not a power booster and doesn’t constitute a change to the car’s basic design, registration is not necessary. The pedal box is an electrical appliance in accordance with Directive 72/245/EEC. The unit conforms to ECE Regulation No. 10, Amendment 02.

Can the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul be detected if it is unplugged?
No. The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul is completely undetectable if it is unplugged from your car, even if the wiring is left intact.

Will my insurance cover be affected?
Since the the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul does not modify the engine parameters, your insurance cover is not affected.

What is the difference between the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul and chip or ECU tuning?
Chip tuning boosts the power of a car’s engine through modifying the management system, whereas the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul programmes merely modify the accelerator response characteristics. This change does not alter the mapping of the engine control unit. Read more about VAG’s tuning options.

Can I install the RennTech Throttle Modul if my car has not had chip tuning? And what if I later chip up my car?
Since the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul works independently from the ECU tuning map or modul, it can be installed in both stock (untuned) or tuned cars. In fact, it is the single “must have” enhancement that should be done to transform the drive of any non-turbo car. For tuned turbo cars, this is often the final enhancement that provides the biggest grins when you’ve gotten used to the increased power from your tuned engine.

Does the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul impact upon the lifespan of the engine?
No, the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul does not have any impact on either engine performance or lifespan.

Is there a guarantee for the AVANTAGE Throttle Modul?
The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul carries a 1-year warranty.

The Single Must-Have Mod For ANY Car

The AVANTAGE Throttle Modul will bring a smile to your face every time you touch the accelerator. Whether you drive an Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Honda or Toyota, there is likely to be a AVANTAGE Throttle Modul for your make and model. We guarantee thrills. Don’t just take our word for it, see what our AVANTAGE customers say.

Contact VAG Singapore now to have your AVANTAGE Throttle Modul fitted.

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