VAG Tuning by Custom-Code

Continental Car Workshop Singapore

VAG is Custom-Code’s partner of choice for Asia. With multiple race wins and a legacy of custom-tuning very single power-hungry Audi or Volkswagen, Custom Code performance maps power the fastest rockets on the streets of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Shanghai today.



Award-Winning Customised Tuning

  • Stage 1 through to fully customized remaps for big turbo builds
  • The best DSG remap available on the market today
  • Extra power and torque even for naturally-aspirated (non-turbo) cars


VAG Tuning by Custom Code is custom-tuned on the road, where your car’s real-world performance is tweaked to perfection to achieve your choice of maximum outright power or a balance between increased power with enhanced fuel economy.

Custom Tuning For All Audi & VW Models

Tuning is available for both turbocharged as well as non-turbo naturally-aspirated models.


VAG Tuned by Custom Code

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Join thousands of happy car owners in Singapore

3 convenient workshop locations

2-year repair warranty for AVANTAGE Club members

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