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VAG partners O.CT Tuning, one of Europe’s finest tuners, exclusively for Audi and Volkswagen tuning in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

O.CT Tuning is consistently the first company worldwide to release tuning maps for new Audi & Volkswagen models. For example, O.CT is the first tuner in the world to offer tuning entirely via OBD (no piggybacking or removal of ECU) for the 3.0T supercharged engines used in the Audi S4, S5, and other supercharged Audi models.

O.CT Tuning History

This is a quality part available exclusively from VAG Singapore

O.CT tuning was developed by the Austrian tuner Oberscheider Chip Tuning, a TÜV-verified Audi tuner with experience dating back to 1994. With each of its tuning programs backed by extensive dynamometer and on-the-road testing,

O.CT Tuning Features

O.CT utilizes modern four-wheel dynamometers and data acquisition systems which measure a very large number of engine parameters, with even the possibility of high-speed on-dyno refueling for extended reliability testing. Thereafter, extensive high-speed on-road tests are conducted to perfect each O.CT program for real world driving.

Each O.CT tune for your Audi or VW ensures that emissions are kept constant, fuel consumption is optimized, and that torque and power are maximized. O.CT provides actual dyno test reports for each program it offers, and covers its ECU program with a 5 year warranty on the software tune.

O.CT Tuning For Audi & VW

Just a few of the many VAG cars tuned by O.CT, from the Audi R8 to the VW Polo 1.2TSI.










VAG Tuned by O.CT

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