Twin Peaks – Double Header From Singapore’s Home Grown Audi Tuner

Click to read about AVANTAGE VAG’s tuned Audi A7 and S4 featured in the September 2018 issue of Audi Driver Magazine UK.


VAG Audi A7 and S4 Review: Ringmasters

Another double-header from Singapore’s home-grown Audi tuner. [As published in 9tro magazine on 24 Aug 2017] Text and Photos: Dr. Ian Kuah Read about VAG Audi A7 review just below or scroll to the VAG Audi S4 review at the bottom of this page. VAG Audi A7 While aftermarket tuners allow their customers the choice of expressing their individuality beyond the offerings of OE manufacturers, there are still limitations to the overall scope of their personalisation programmes. Some tuners offer a bespoke service beyond their off-the-shelf programmes, delving into the world of customisation that took off in 1950s America. This very specialised area of the aftermarket can be very involved and expensive, but that is to be expected when you are talking about labour intensive craftsmanship that represents the automotive equivalent of haute couture tailoring. When I was shown photos of VAG Singapore’s A7 being prepared in their body shop my reaction was simply “wow!” Out of the box a normal A7 is a large and elegant fastback, whose detailing is arguably purer than the Mercedes CLS it rivals. Hunkered down in its lower and wider RS7 form this car has real presence. Despite lacking the thundering V8 growl of the RS7, the VAG Singapore A7 makes up for this with even more stunning optics. One of the company’s strengths is the imagination and skill of CarCrafters, their in-house bodyshop. Whether just a glass-out re-spray, the seamless integration of an OE or aftermarket body kit, or the fabrication


Radio Interview on Gold 90.5 FM with VAG

One of Singapore's top radio stations, Gold 90.5 FM, invited John from VAG to speak on their "Ask The Expert" segment hosted by Jamie Yeo on 07 and 08 June 2016.  Jamie: People say that car workshops can "purposely spoil" other parts while your car is with them to make you change more parts. Is that true? Click on the player to hear John's response.    Jamie: Why is there such a difference in prices across car workshops in SG? Click on the player to hear John's response.  Jamie: What exactly does a car service entail? Click on the player to hear John's response. 


VAG S4 & S5: Ring Masters

A local Audi tuner brings two S models closer to the RS experience.[As published on 9tro magazine, 06 February 2016]Text and images by Dr. Ian KuahVAG Audi S4 and S5 ReviewAudi has been very astute in the positioning of their S and RS variants, offering enthusiasts two levels of engine and chassis upgrades over and above their standard range.The B6/B7 versions of the S4 used the 344hp naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 motor from the A8, but with the B8 S4, Audi downsized to a lighter and more efficient supercharged 3.0-litre V6.Despite the loss of 11hp, this 333hp forced-aspirated motor provides 440Nm of torque from 2,900 to 5,300rpm, giving it a much better spread of muscle overall than the 410Nm at 3,500rpm of the five-valves-per-cylinder V8, along with potentially better fuel economy.Apart from having a more lively character than the old 40-valve V8, the supercharged V6 is also eminently more tuneable, with reliable outputs of up to 425hp possible from the basic intake, exhaust and ECU modifications. As this engine also powers the S5, the owners of both types share a common upgrade path.This is the story of an S4 and an S5 whose owners have taken their cars a big step forwards toward the output of the current 450hp V8-powered RS4. Significantly, the intake, exhaust and ECU tweaks made to the supercharged 3.0 litre V6 engine give it a unique appeal, and the delightful howl of this engine in full battle cry is really quite addictive.Audi S4A couple of years


VAG Singapore Audi S5 – High Five

A Unique Car From a Company With Traditional Values [As published on 9tro magazine, 26 March 2015]


Photos from Lunch @ VAG East

Thank you for joining us for Lunch @ VAG East on 11 Jan 2015! Here are some pics from the event – look out for your family in the photos! VIEW THE FULL GALLERY ON FACEBOOK We look forward to see you soon at VAG East!


Modern Muscle

[As published in AFTMKT magazine, November 2013] These are the modern day equivalents of the Mustang and Camaro – brawny shapes, V8 shakes, but of European descent.


Industry Experts

[As published in AFTMKT magazine, July 2014] When it comes to cars from the Volkswagen group, only a select few have the expertise to deal with them. VAG Singapore happens to be one of the best.


MOTUL’s “Specific Line” for Volkswagen Audi… Now Available Exclusively at VAG

[As published in TORQUE magazine by our oil supplier MOTUL, July 2014] MOTUL’s “Specific Line” of engine oil has been specially formulated for Audi and Volkswagen and is now available exclusivly from VAG in in Singapore.  MOTUL and VAG are now offering all Audi and VW owners an ultra premium engine oil from the world’s leading oil manufacturer – standard with every VAG service. 


Finding Mr Right… Searching For A Good Workshop

[As published in TODAY, 16 Nov 2013. By LEOW Ju-Len] Singapore — Most women in the United Kingdom would like James Bond star Daniel Craig to be their mechanic, according to a survey taken earlier this year. In reality, your car is more likely to be worked on by a greasy mechanic, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be in good hands. But whether he’s dressed in a tuxedo with a shaken martini in his hand or wears overalls, how can you tell if a mechanic is likely to know what he’s doing?



Trusted and highly rated by thousands of happy car owners in Singapore, AVANTAGE VAG provides servicing, repair, tuning, and a full range of specialist car services at 4 convenient locations in Singapore. Our technicians are guided by factory-spec tools and our repairs with genuine parts are warrantied for up to 2 years.