Audi Music Interface Retrofit

The Audi Music Interface – an original accessory from Audi AG – enables you to carry your personal jukebox with you every time you step into your Audi. Making thousands of songs available to you, the Audi Music Interface (AMI) integrates most portable media players into your original Audi MMI.

You can control the AMI with the onboard MMI controls or with your multifunction steering wheel. The Audi Music Interface is capable of communicating with a wide range of portable media players and USB storage media.

Using selection criteria such as artists, albums, tracks or genres, you can navigate easily through the entire music collection on the storage medium with the MMI controls and the multifunction steering wheel. Your media player remains safely in the glove box during the journey, and is connected to the Audi music interface by a cable from Audi Genuine Accessories®. This cable not only transmits the track information and music to the Audi music interface, but also recharges your media player at the same time.

Key Features of The Audi Music Interface

  • Plays all tracks stored on the player (except DRM-protected files)
  • Operates the portable terminal device via the MMI controls and the optional multifunction steering wheel
  • Displays play lists, artists, albums, tracks and genres (if stored on the connected device) on the MMI display
  • Track skip in both directions
  • Fast forward and reverse
  • Power supply via adapter cable

With an optional Bluetooth® adapter from Audi Genuine Accessories® the Audi music interface is also capable of wireless music playback from suitably equipped mobile telephones and media players. Data is transferred using Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP), which requires a media device with A2DP capability.

The range of control options available for the media players via the MMI and multifunction steering wheel depends on the player and adapter used.

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