AVANTAGE Roof Racks, Bars & Boxes

BMW roof rack

AVANTAGE roof racks, bars and boxes significantly enhances an adventurous driver's touring range and luggage-handling capacity. With the trend emerging in Singapore to take up cycling, there is no better time to invest in proper equipment to mount your bicycles with confidence. These genuine roof accessories, direct from their respective factories, fits perfectly onto your car's roof rails without any worry of fitment issues.

Roof Bars

AVANTAGE roof bars mount precisely to the roof of your car, and are available with a bar carrier bag for storing the roof bars. Typically, it includes operating instructions, torque wrench, hanging loop, carry handle and features your favourite make's logo.

Audi roof bar

Roof Racks

AVANTAGE roof mounted luggage rack for attachment to the genuine roof bars. City crash tested and manufactured from lightweight anodised aluminium.

Audi roof rack
Audi roof rack
The Audi roof rack weighs only 14kg unladen and measures 990 x 1580mm in size. It is supplied fully preassembled.

Luggage Boxes

AVANTAGE genuine ski and luggage boxes are city crash tested and lockable. They can be opened from both sides, and feature smooth surfaces which make them aerodynamic and easy to clean. They are suitable for use with high-pressure power washers. As an example, the original Audi roof boxes are available in two sizes:

Audi roof luggage

Length 1960, Width 780, Height 440

Audi roof luggage

Length 1390, Width 900, Height 390

The compact, aerodynamic Audi Genuine 370 litre roof box is the smallest in the Audi range and its low-profile, aerodynamic design minimises wind noise. A quick-release fastening system makes installation to Audi Genuine roof bars quick and easy.

Roof Racks, Bars & Boxes Gallery

Here are some of the roof racks, bars & boxes installed on the cars of each respective makes.







Worth the investment

Why not invest in one of these roof accessories before your next big trip, with the assurance that your luggage will be safe, dry and stylishly clad?

Going on a trail hike and wish to keep your boot organised and clean afterwards? Consider getting the genuine boot trays from your respective factories as well!

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