AVANTAGE Total Engine Care Package

The AVANTAGE Total Engine Care Package has been designed by car specialists to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption and protect your engine, the heart of your car. Proven by discerning car enthusiasts, AVANTAGE Total Engine Care Package reaches the invisible areas of your engine to provide much-needed cleaning and protection where your eyes can't see.

What's in the AVANTAGE Total Engine Care Package?



Real Cost Savings

  • Reduced engine wear
  • Less engine friction
  • Significantly lower long-term repair bills
  • improved fuel consumption
  • Reduced emissions pollutants

Genuine Performance Improvements

  • Lower oil temperatures
  • Less engine vibration and noise
  • Reduced engine friction - optimized engine performance and output
  • More power to your wheels through improved efficiency
  • An overall smoother, lighter drive

Get Protection With AVANTAGE Total Engine Care Package Now!

The AVANTAGE Total Engine Care Package, carefully put together by AVANTAGE VAG specialists, works together with servicing according to prescribed schedules from the respective marques. Service your car with Singapore's number one trusted workshop with years of experience in conforming to factory standard. You deserve that peace of mind. After all, we are drivers too!

Join thousands of happy car owners in Singapore

3 convenient workshop locations

2-year repair warranty for AVANTAGE Club members

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