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AVANTAGE VAG Singapore provides gearbox tuning, repair and calibration for Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Mini, and is an established gearbox specialist serving hundreds of car owners and many workshops in Singapore.

Singapore Gearbox Specialists

Do you have gearbox problems in your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini, Bentley, SEAT, Skoda or Porsche?

Here are some services available from AVANTAGE VAG to solve your gearbox problems:

  • AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Tuning
  • AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration
  • AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Repair

AVANTAGE VAG R-Tronic Gearbox Calibration

AVANTAGE VAG Singapore provides RTronic Gearbox Calibration for the Audi R8.

If you own an Audi R8 with the RTronic gearbox, you’re very likely to love the car but hate the RTronic gearbox. Jerky in Auto mode, noticeable laggy in Sport, and prone to severe clutch wear – the R-Tronic in stock form is the weak link in the otherwise awesome Audi R8.

After RTronic Gearbox Calibration by AVANTAGE VAG, you’ll experience smooth gearshifts (much like Audi’s slick Stronic gearbox) and significantly faster gearchanges when driving in Sport mode. You’ll also experience lower clutch wear rates which reduce maintenance costs.

Our Audi R8 customers have been extremely happy with R-Tronic Gearbox Calibration – get yours done today.

AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration

AVANTAGE VAG gearbox calibration has been proven in hundreds of Audi Stronic and Volkswagen DSG gearboxes in need to repair and calibration.


Benefits of AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration

Here’s what professional calibration by AVANTAGE VAG provides:

  • Significantly faster and smoother gearshifts
  • Eliminates judder and jerkiness at low speeds and rpms, especially just before stopping or when moving off from standstill
  • Improves acceleration at low rolling speeds, particularly between 5 to 15 km/h
  • Removes rollback when moving off uphill on a slope
  • Eliminates the noticeable delay before reverse gear is engaged
  • Activates launch control, auto-shift bypass and increased redline

AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration usually includes updated firmware for your gearbox.

Features of AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration

AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration solves a lot of driveability issues. Here are some additional features you’ll love:

  • Modified Drive mode for better drivability – gears are more closely matched to engine load & vehicle speed, with less lag & hesitation
  • All new software is based on the latest manufacturer version
  • Longer life of gearbox & clutch packs with less clutch slippage
  • Modified launch control RPM
  • Increased torque limiter & clutch holding pressure
  • Reaactivation of first gear for low speed driving
  • Improved RPM matching for higher gears

Options Available For AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration

AVANTAGE VAG provides two gearbox calibration options:

  • Gearbox Calibration Stage 1 for stock (unmodified) cars, recommended for all Stronic and DSG gearboxes on Audis and Volkswagens.
  • Gearbox Calibration Stage 2 for modified/upgraded cars, specifically for tuned, remapped and modified engines, with optional setup for big turbo upgrades or other performance modifications.

BEWARE: Many lesser so-called “DSG tuners” merely hack into the DSG gearbox software and modify the gear shift points, then sell you “DSG tuning”. This is less than ideal and will give you a mere fraction of the benefits AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Calibration can provide.

At AVANTAGE VAG, we work with the best in the gearbox business to provide full DSG calibration, which involves two distinct and separate steps:

STEP 1: Remove all problems associated with the gearbox – juddering, jerkiness, hesitation, etc… 

STEP 2: Improve gearbox performance by carefully adjusting the many technical parameters that control shift behaviour.

In addition to more specialized gearboxes, some of the common gearboxes that we calibrate include:

  • DQ200 & DQ200MQB – Dry clutch 7 speed (Golf TSI, Scirocco, Polo, Audi A1)
  • DQ250 & DQ250MQB – Wet clutch 6 speed (Golf GTI, Scirocco, Audi A3, S3, Skoda VRS, etc
  • DQ500 – Wet clutch 7 speed (Audi TTRS, VW Tiguan)
  • DL501 and DL501 Gen2 – 7 speed longitudinal (Audi A4, S4, A5, S5, Q5, RS5)

AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Repair

AVANTAGE VAG repairs and services automatic gearboxes including Audi Stronic/Multitronic/Rtronic/Tiptronic, BMW DCT/Steptronic, Mercedes 7G-Tronic/9G-Tronic, Volkswagen DSG, and other automatic gearbox applications from Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Bentley and more, as well as manual gearboxes.

The full range of transmission services from AVANTAGE VAG include:

  • Transmission replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Gearbox component repair
  • Gearbox mechatronic or control unit repair and replacement
  • Gearbox software adaption and upgrade

AVANTAGE VAG includes on-road gearbox adaptation with every mechatronic replacement. This essential step ensures your clutch is perfectly adapted and prevents premature clutch wear. The majority of local workshops skip this crucial step as it is time consuming and requires specalised software to manage.

AVANTAGE VAG Gearbox Reviews

Click here to see what Volkswagen and Audi drivers are saying about DSG tuning and calibration from VAG.

never regret
vag gearbox tuning
vag dsg tuned vagsg
vag dsg calibration

Click here to see more of what Volkswagen and Audi drivers are saying about DSG tuning and calibration from VAG.

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