Genuine Audi Sport A5 Body Kit

The Audi Sport A5 body kit is a genuine Audi body kit from Audi’s Votex factory in Germany. It’s high quality materials, OEM fitment and distinctive design make it a popular choice for Audi A5 owners without factory S line styling.

There are several components within the Audi Sport A5 body kit.

Audi Sport A5 Front Spoiler

The Audi Sport A5 front spoiler is a stylish and sporty enhancement that contains a central blade. The distinctive central blade is available in an aluminium finish as an option.

Audi Sport A5 Side Skirts

Manufactured in high-quality PUR, the Audi Sport A5 side skirts are a set of original Audi side skirts LEFT and RIGHT.

Audi Sport A5 Exhaust Diffuser

This Audi Sport A5 diffuser is available for cars with twin tail pipes on the left, or for cars with left and right exhaust tips. A key feature is the ‘blade’ that is available in an optional aluminium finish.

Audi Sport Boot Spoiler

The sporty and elegant one piece Audi Sport A5 boot spoiler will only fit the non-S line A5 Coupe.

Audi Sport Rear Wing

The more aggressive Audi Sport A5 rear wing is a perfect fit only for the non-S line Audi A5 Coupe.

Fitment & Quality

All components of Audi Sport bodykits are manufactured in OEM-grade PUR so you’ll have no worry about excess weight or poor fitment. Fitment is available for all B8 Audi A5 variants – Coupe, Cabriolet and Sportback.  The Audi Sport body kit will not fit A5s with S line or the S5 and RS5.

Don’t forget to complete your Genuine Audi makeover with a genuine Audi S, Audi RS or full gloss optik black front grille!

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