Genuine VW Audi Anti-Theft Car Alarm

The genuine Audi or Volkswagen car alarm is an essential upgrade by VAG that will greatly improve security, especially if you drive across Singapore’s borders. The vast majority of Audis and Volkswagens in Singapore have not been specced with car alarms, so this upgrade only offered in Singapore by VAG is highly recommended. 

Key Features of Volkswagen Audi Car Alarm

Here are some of the features you’ll find in this upgrade – remember that it’s an upgrade created for your car by the same people who built it, so quality is to be expected. As it involves the safety of your car, you’d also want to have it installed by professional VAG technicians who will only use genuine Volkswagen Audi parts with no cutting, drilling or modification of your car’s electrical system.

  • Distinct alarm chirp and siren with a high end tone
  • Full time monitoring of your car’s doors, boot/trunk and hood
  • Alarm triggers even if vehicle power is cut
  • Siren sounds even if disconnected
  • Battery backup for siren if the car battery gets drained
  • No annoying shock sensor, will not be triggered by loud sounds or thunder

Car Alarm Built For Usability & Convenience

  • Alarm dissarms when trunk is opened using remote or keyless entry and re-arms when trunk is closed
  • If remote battery is dead, alarm will delay when key is used to open door, allowing you sufficient time to insert key in ignition and prevent siren from sounding
  • Fully integrated for comfort key/keyess owners. No need to press your remote button
  • Alarm can be armed using key in door lock if remote battery is dead
  • Siren chirps can be enabled or disabled using the factory car menu
  • Can be armed before you start unloading your car, and system will engage once last door or the boot/trunk has been closed
  • Auto-bypass for unsecured areas of your car after a preset time (e.g., if your hood is left open)
  • Alarm will not chirp if you leave door/hood/boot unsecured, alerting you to possible entry points left unsecured
  • Pressing lock button on remote can be used as a car finder in a large and full car park

Invest in the genuine Audi or VW car alarm to enhance security today. Ultimately it’s peace of mind that matters most.

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