Philips Light Bulbs

Philips Lighting for your Audi or Volkswagen is manufactured by one of the world’s largest suppliers of bulbs to the car industry. The wide range of products from Philips helps to enhance safety and comfort of drivers and road users. Whatever your needs may be, Philips has the most suitable automotive lighting solution for you.

There are aftermarket bulbs available for almost every bulb present on your car, many of them top-quality bulbs from Philips:


Philips Diamond Vision

The Philips Diamond Vision bulb produces 5,000K of dazzling white light – dramatically improving the what you see and what others see in your Audi or Volkswagen. Philips Diamond Vision is very popular as replacements for halogen headlight or fog light bulbs.

Philips Diamond Vision Features

  • UV-blocking quartz glass
  • Lead free and no hazardous materials used
  • Ultimate white (5,000K) light to stand out from others
  • Ideal for city driving
  • Easy installation, plug and play
  • Same power consumption as standard halogen bulbs; no wiring or relays needed


Ultinon Flash Star

The Philips Ultinon Flash Star bulb provides 6,700K of white light for an outstanding driving experience at night. The ultimate white light replacement for the xenon headlights on your Audi or Volkswagen.

Ultinon Flash Star Features

  • UV-blocking quartz glass
  • Xenon HID (6,700K) light for an outstanding driving experience at night
  • 300% brighter than standard bulbs
  • 50% less energy consumption than halogen bulbs
  • up to 2,500 hour lifespan

VAG Singapore stocks the most popular bulbs for Audi and Volkswagen, and has access to the entire Philips automotive lighting range, including:

Philips Ultimate Light Range transforms your xenon headlamps to pure white power:

  • Ultinon Flash Star
  • Ultinon Flash White
  • Ultinon Flash Cool
  • Ultinon Flash Clear


Philips “White Light” Range for brighter and more stylish visual impact:

  • Diamond Vision
  • Crystal Vision
  • Blue Vision Ultra
  • Essential Vision


Philips “More Light” Range for significantly greater light output:

  • X-treme Vision
  • Power2night
  • Essential Power


Whatever your lighting needs, Philips has you covered. Get your Philips bulbs from VAG Singapore today!

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