Project S4 Allroad Sedan

We’ve always loved the B8 Audi S4, and hankered for the Audi A4 allroad which was never made available in Singapore. When a long-time VAG customer sold his VAG-tuned 2010 S4 sedan to relocate out of SG, the new owner asked us what we could do to make his car truly unique while retaining the S4’s sophistication and build quality.  

And so started Project S4 Allroad. Never had it been done before, anywhere in the world. No expense would be spared. Never mind that the allroad was an avant-only model, and this was an S4 sedan. The boys at VAG and CarCrafters were going to build it.

At the end of this epic build, we’re not only going to convert an S4 sedan to the world’s first and only S4 allroad sedan, we’re going to completely facelift it from the 2010 to the 2015 model. And we’re going to change it from the original Audi meteor grey to the amazing Porsche color anthracite brown which looks absolutely mesmerizing in the brilliant sunlight.​

​Brakes & Engine Block, While We Wait For Bits Of Body.

So we’ve ordered all the necessary body parts for the build, but it’s going to be a few weeks wait. What do we do in the meantime? Project S4 Allroad can’t just collect dust.

We decided to give that VAG-tuned engine block a fresh look. Supercharger, valve covers and coolant overflow tank look worn from 4 years of spirited driving.

S4 engine before painting (above).

Hyper silver for the supercharger, misano red for the valve covers and platinum grey for the coolant bottle… We put the custom-mixed Spies Hecker paints at the CarCrafters facility to good use on the S4.

We took a couple of days to get it done right. Supercharger and valve covers come off, exposing ​the engine bay to the first of the the anthracite brown paint.

Here’s what the engine looks like after the paint job. We’ll fix those ugly oil and coolant covers later.
That anthracite brown… looks like the S4’s driven into a warm bath of chocolate.
We also got those 8-piston RS brakes sprayed hyper silver. Silver RS brakes are becoming a little of a VAG trademark.

We’ve been waiting for a the Allroad side skirts to come. When they do we’ll get started on the custom rear bumper we’re going to build, as Audi never produced an allroad sedan.

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