Sachs Coilovers

Sachs coilover suspension systems for Audi and Volkswagen are manufactured by the same company that produce the factory suspension systems for Audi and VW. VAG Singapore is the distributor for Sachs coilover systems in Singapore. 

These are the Sachs coilover models available for Audi and Volkswagen:

Sachs Performance Coilovers (CSS)

Outstanding German Build Quality

Sachs Performance coilover suspensions use only high-grade gas-pressure shock absorbers, and are tuned to achieve the maximum in sports-oriented performance. These made in Germany coilovers are ideal for very sporty road driving at the limits of a road-going car.

The interiors of these high-tech dampers contain heavy-duty oil that ensures superior damping performance for the entire product life cycle. To further enhance damping performance, a new valve system allows flexibility in setting the damping characteristics.

The suspension struts feature an upside-down design which significantly increases their stiffness and strength, allowing them to absorb greater lateral forces. This results in very precise and responsive suspension system – ideal for sporty street use.

Superior Adjustability

With 20 adjustable damper settings available, you can adjust the Sachs CSS coilovers to specific driving surfaces, tyres and air pressures. Adjustment of rebound and compression damping is performed by means of a wheel on the piston. Damping can adjusted by hand without tools, even after installation. 

You’ll be able to adjust the damper settings on your Sachs coilover kit at your convenience. With a few clicks on the adjuster knob, you’ll instantly transform the handling of your car, all within a couple of minutes.

Key Features

  • Made in Germany, TÜV certified
  • Adjustable for height and damping performance
  • Sporty driving characteristics with high comfort
  • Individually tuned on test and racing circuits
  • Body lowered between 25 and 50 mm
  • High stiffness for suspensions struts with upside-down construction
  • Monotube damping technology for optimum response characteristic
  • Friction-optimized and durable coatings and seals

Sachs Advantage Coilovers

Sachs Advantage Coilovers for Audi and Volkswagen are designed for daily drivers that want to improve handling and performance without sacrificing OEM levels of comfort. With a 25mm lowering in height, these impressive German-built coilovers are a highly recommended choice for improved performance, excellent comfort and unbeatable value-for-money!

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