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VAG Automobiles is the car sales division of VAG Singapore, Southeast Asia’s largest and most respected independent Audi and Volkswagen specialist. VAG Automobiles provides the following services to car owners in Singapore:

If you’d like VAG Automobiles to help you with your next car, you’d appreciate what makes VAG Automobiles different from other car dealers in Singapore.

Brand New Audi For Sale

VAG Automobiles has the following list of brand new Audi cars for sale. If the car you’re looking for isn’t listed, speak to us about making a factory indent Audi order.

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Used Audi & Volkswagen For Sale

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The VAG Difference

We own Audis, we service Audis, and now we have Audis for sale to a select group who choose to buy their cars from VAG. Over the years, we’ve gained an in-depth understanding of the cars we work on every single day.

We’re Audi and Volkswagen drivers too.

Today, if you’re considering a new or used Audi for sale from VAG Automobiles, you’ll be starting a relationship with an independent, owner-operated business that’s backed up by the largest and most respected Audi Service & Tuning Centre in Southeast Asia – VAG Singapore. VAG is further supported by its own specialist accident repair and spray paint workshop – CarCrafters Singapore.

If you’re already familiar with VAG, then you’ll know that we’re hard-core Audi and VW enthusiasts with over 30 years of top-level technical experience, leading a team of professionals working from two service centres in Singapore.

We’re respected for honest pricing, prompt and professional service, and a team of VW and Audi technicians that are proud to be part of VAG.

We’re Audi and Volkswagen drivers too.

VAG Audi Sales Centre Singapore

VAG Automobiles specializes in Audi for sale: High-specification factory-new Audi S and Audi RS cars and VAG-certified used Audis in Singapore. The most discerning Audi buyers trust VAG for:

  • High specification built-to-order Audi models direct from the Audi factory
  • Limited to Audi S- and Audi RS-badged cars
  • Approved engine tuning with up to 50% increased power and torque, with full VAG warranty
  • Approved aftermarket modifications, with full VAG warranty
  • Complete peace of mind with support from VAG Service & Tuning Centre

VAG Approved Pre-Owned & Used Cars

An increasing number of savvy buyers are placing their confidence in Approved Audis from VAG Singapore. All certified pre-owned Audis from VAG Automobiles come with:

  • Audi factory or VAG warranty
  • 365-point inspection by qualified Audi technicans
  • Rigourous road tests by experienced Audi engineers
  • Genuine Audi parts for all necessary replacements
  • Carefully selected upgrades and tasteful modifications on many cars

Please call 6515 8465 or click here to email a sales specialist from VAG Automobiles.

Join thousands of happy car owners in Singapore

3 convenient workshop locations

2-year repair warranty for AVANTAGE Club members

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