VAG Diverter Valve

The VAG diverter valve provides a significant performance improvement over the factory Diverter Valve (DV), and is a highly recommended upgrade for most models of Audi and Volkswgen cars.

The VAG diverter valve is absolutely essential if your car is tuned (tuning increases boost pressure and wear on the factory DV) and especially if your car’s turbocharger has been upgraded or upsized.

Diverter valves are an important feature of the engine powering your turbocharged Audi or Volkswagen. A DV provides pressure relief for the exhaust gases powering the turbo, diverting these unused exhaust gases back to the system in situations such as when you lift your foot from the accelerator.

The rubber diaphragm in the Audi and Volkswagen factory diverter valve is prone to tearing or rupturing, resulting in boost leaks and a noticeable loss of power. This usually happens as the rubber is exposed to high pressures from the turbocharger and high heat levels from your engine. Remember that cars in Singapore are driven in tropical temperatures where ambient temperatures are typically 20 degrees higher on average than in temperate countries, which accelerates wear on engine components in general.

Boost leaks with the stock diverter valve are common, especially minor ones which are not immediately noticeable. The stock DV often does not completely close at high-boost gearshifts, robbing you of precious boost pressure and horsepower. The solenoid on the stock DV is directly connected to the valve mechanism, and the return spring will eventually lose its strength to open and close the valve reliably at high boost.

VAG Diverter Valve Features

The VAG diverter valve is a patent-pending performance part for all turbocharged Audi and Volkswagen cars. It utilizes an anodised billet aluminium housing fitted with a brass piston machined to enable higher performance. The VAG diverter valve is easy to install and does not cause compressor surge or turbo flutter, and will not cause engine checklights.

VAG Diverter Valve Benefits

The VAG diverter valve has been shown to provide:

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Lightning-fast valve actuation
  • Significantly improved reliability
  • Ability to hold substantially higer boost levels

The VAG diverter valve has been proven to be one of the best aftermarket DV options available today. Speak to a VAG Specialist about installing the VAG diverter valve in your Audi or Volkswagen today.

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