AVANTAGE VAG Frecious Plus car cabin filter

The VAG cabin filter for Audi and Volkswagen is a 3-stage antibacterial cabin filter that provides the highest level of filtration available for the air in your car. Absolutely essential if you care for the health of your family – especially if you have young children, elderly, highly sensitive or asthmatic passengers, or are driving in heavy city conditions with smog or haze. 

Frecious Plus Cabin Filter

The cabin filter in your Audi or Volkswagen is the only filtration for the air in your car, and greater attention must be placed on the efficacy of this filter. 

The Frecious Plus Cabin Filter is a new vehicle cabin air filter with 3 layers, each performing a separate task:

Polyphenol Layer

The yellow colored surface is a polyphenol layer, which is coated with natural polyphenol extracted from plants. It removes allergen such as pollen and mites. Polyphenol has also been proven by numerous tests to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould.

Charcoal Layer

Odor adsorption performance is greatly improved due the increased charcoal content as compared to the original Audi/VW cabin filter. This long lasting charcoal layer absorbs odours as well as toxic exhaust gases such as NOx.

Anti-Dust Layer With Anti-Microbial Function

This layer comprises non-woven media with an anti-microbial treatment that removes dust, particles and pollens. The anti-microbial function inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold by more than 98%, greatly reducing any bad smells caused by such bacteria and mould.

Benefits of Frecious Plus Cabin Filter

Poor air quality in cars are the number one source of tiredness, eye irritation and respiratory troubles, especially in polluted urban areas. Every time your car windows or doors are opened, millions of microscopic particles enter your car and are then cycled through the lungs of the car occupants.

Frecious Plus Cabin Filters ensure comfort and fresh air in your car as they almost completely free the air entering the vehicle of dust, pollen, soot and other pollutants.

Key benefits of the Frecious Plus Cabin Filter:

  • Eliminates unpleasant odours and harmful gases
  • Close to 100% removal of dust, pollen and allergens
  • Cleaner and fresher air in your cabin
  • Ask For our Frecious Plus Cabin Filter At Your Next Service

The Frecious Plus Cabin Filter provides OEM-grade fitment for your Audi or Volkswagen. It is manufactured by an OEM filter manufacturer for the VW Group, so quality and fitment are absolutely top notch.

Like all filters, cabin air filters have to be changed regularly. They should be replaced at one-year intervals or after every 10,000 km travelled, more often if your passengers are extra sensitive or the environment is polluted where you live.

Be sure to ask VAG for a Frecious Plus cabin filter at your next service. We are making it available for as many car models as possible.

The Frecious Plus Cabin Filter is highly recommended in addition to the VAG Aircon Disinfectant Treatment.

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