VAG Slotted / Cross Drilled Brake Rotors

VAG brake rotors are some of the highest quality slotted and/or cross drilled brake discs available for your Audi or Volkswagen. OEM-grade materials and fitment mean that these racing brake discs are direct replacements for your factory brake rotors!

Race-Ready Build Quality

VAG brake rotors by ECS Tuning are designed to reduce noise and vibrations caused within the brake system, and are manufactured to the strictest tolerances. Rotors are available drilled and/or slotted, providing a bold, aggressive appearance. The best available rotors are sourced from ECS in the USA and have been extensively tested under real road conditions in Singapore.

Each racing rotor from VAG features:

  • High carbon casting with non-directional finish for quick pad break-in and more even wear
  • Wide channel slots ideal for race use or for heaving vehicles
  • Wide channel slots ideal for heating pads to optimum temps quickly, and out-gassing pads
  • Full nickel plating

The end result is a rotor that outperforms and outlasts the competition while providing smooth, consistent braking throughout the life of the rotor. Although VAG brake rotors are best matched with VAG Titanium Kevlar brake pads, they are compatible with stock calipers and pads and do not require any special modification to install.

Key Benefits Of VAG Rotors

  • Maximized stopping power with OEM brake calipers and pads
  • Increased performance in wet weather
  • Reduced brake fade
  • Matching look if you have a front big brake kit with drilled or slotted rotors

VAG Cross Drilled Rotors

The bi-chamfered holes help prevent stress cracking which occur in lower quality rotors, and improve air circulation throughout the brake disc. This allows for the disc to operate at cooler temperatures than a traditional brake rotor. This results in cooler temperatures than stock, improving braking performance.

The slots also channel away water during wet weather driving, and help remove excess carbon deposits from the surface of the brake pads.

VAG Slotted Brake Rotors

Slotted rotors from VAG are favoured by race teams for the outstanding wet performance and ability to keep the brake pads in optimum condition.

Drilled, Slotted or Drilled + Slotted Rotors?

VAG makes both types of rotors. In general, your Audi or Volkswagen will receive more benefit from the drilled and slotted combination rotors. These rotors cool more efficiently, tend to last longer, and are used on Audi RS cars where they are matched with 8-piston calipers built by Brembo.

If your car is used for racing or competitive driving slotted rotors are generally more suited for you. The slotted rotors do not cool as well, or last as long but provide maximum pad to rotor contact.

You may have heard of people who have had their cross drilled brake rotors crack. Much this information originates from companies who do not make cross drilled rotors, but only manufacture slotted rotors. In reality a cross drilled rotor will provide longer life and better cooling for street use.

Most people who have had a rotor crack on them have purchased a very inexpensive low quality rotor that has been drilled. The cracking was not due to the rotor being drilled, but because the initial quality of the rotor used was poor. The other reason a rotor (both drilled and slotted) can form cracks is when it is subjected to race environments. Any rotor can form stress fractures when placed under race conditions, as the heat levels they are subjected to far exceed that of rotors used on the street. Most brake rotors used in racing are disposed of after each race.

It is critical to use a high quality rotor such as VAG (previously known as Disc Italia) to ensure you receive a long service life from your brake rotor.

Remember to pair your new performance brake rotors with VAG titanium kevlar brake pads and VAG stainless steel brake lines for the ultimate in braking performance.

The brake rotors shown below have just been mounted and have not had their zinc coat worn off the braking surface. You can see the outstanding build quality. We recommend CROSS-DRILLED AND SLOTTED rotors for street use, or SLOTTED ROTORS for competitive use.

There’s no reason to delay! Get your VAG brake rotors from VAG Singapore today! Export enquiries welcome.

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