VAG Surveillance Camera

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The VAG Surveillance Camera protects your dream Audi or Volkswagen with a comprehensive, “fit and forget” in-car system that is unmatched for quality and reliability.

The VAG surveillance camera is a high quality, specialized vehicle camera that records every moment of your drive. It works even when your VW or Audi is parked. Using intelligent continuous recording, the VAG surveillance camera has a chic yet compact design that tells admirers, as well as wrong doers, that your car is special.

Unmatched Ease Of Use

The VAG surveillance camera is highly effective and easy to use: As soon as the inbuilt motion sensors detect your Audi or Volkswagen is on the move it’ll automatically start recording in full HD for the front camera, and if you’ve wisely chosen to fit the rear camera as well, this’ll be in VGA. These recordings are extremely high quality, even in low light or night time conditions.

This quality footage can be used to prove your case should you be involved in an accident. Or in parking mode, the motion sensors will automatically trigger a recording of the event if someone tampers with or collides with your Audi or Volkswagen.

Recording Modes

With a VAG surveillance camera fitted to your Audi or Volkswagen you can rest assured knowing that the following recordings are being made:

Continuous and event recording
If you’re involved in an accident with your Audi or VW the VAG surveillance camera will record scenes for 20 seconds; from 10 seconds before the event (impact) has occurred to 10 seconds after. It automatically saves the video in the Continuous Event Recording folder.

Parking Mode Recording
In parking mode the VAG surveillance camera records 20 second long video clips, starting from 10 seconds before motion is detected and ending 10 seconds after the incident. This is saved in the Parking Motion folder.

Manual Recording
If you press the REC button briefly while the VAG surveillance camera is in the continuous mode, it will save scenes for 20 seconds; from 10 seconds before the button has been pressed to 10 seconds after. This is automatically saved to the Manual Recording folder. This is perfect for recording especially stunning scenery on long trips.

Photo Snapshot
When you press the photo button for less than 3 seconds, a photo will be saved. You’ve seen how your VAG surveillance camera will save you enormous frustration and heartache. Before anything happens to your prized Volkswagen or Audi contact the professionals at VAG Singapore without delay!

Audio Status And Diagnostic Warnings

Irrespective of how good the camera is, it won’t protect your Audi or VW if it’s not switched on, or if there’s something wrong with it. That’s why this specialized, quality VAG surveillance camera uses audio to reassure you that you’re protected. If it’s unknowingly off or malfunctioning, it’ll warn you of the exact nature of a problem, such as a SD card failure.

GPS Option

With an internal aerial the GPS-ready VAG surveillance camera can record the route you’ve travelled as well as confirm speeds. This has some interesting uses:

  • Monitoring your car when it’s loaned out
  • Keeping track of where your Audi or VW is being driven
  • Managing your fleet – this is a great alternative to expensive fleet tracking systems
  • Recording accident details, such as speed and route leading up to the collision

PC Software Included

Using the PC-based management software that comes with VAG’s surveillance camera you can easily analyze, search and playback recorded video as well as set up various functions. Recordings are saved to continuous, parking and event files, for easy management.

Using the software you’re easily able to change settings such as playback speed, digital zoom and image correction.

When you protect your Audi or Volkswagen with the quality VAG surveillance camera you have full control over a comprehensive array of useful features.

Integrated Rear Camera Option

We strongly recommend the optional rear camera that when installed correctly will read out to the main camera unit. This separate camera unit is mounted unobstrusively on your rear windscreen by professional VAG installers.

Feature Overview

For fitment to your Audi or VW the VAG surveillance camera has a cylindrical design which is stylish and sleek while providing functions you simply cannot do without:

  • Dual Channel camera
  • Front camera records in 1920 x 1080 FULL HD (using H.264 video and ADPCM audio) at 30fps
  • Optional rear camera
  • The rear camera records in 640 x 480 VGA
  • Recordings are recorded in intervals of one-minute and saved in the continuous recording folder
  • Superior low light and night performance
  • Built in power pack
  • 2.4 megapixel CMOS Front Sensor with a 0.3 megapixel sensor at the back
  • 140 Degree wide angle lens for front and rear cameras
  • GPS logging, capable of recording speed and direction data
  • 3 Axis acceleration and deceleration recordings (3D, +/-4G)
  • External impact-initiated auto recording while parked
  • Patented motion detection
  • Automatic loop recording whereby the camera automatically records over the oldest file when the memory card fills up
  • Audio signal and human voice guide
  • PC viewer included
  • Super CAP technology to prepare for power down during emergency
  • Recording time of up to 5GB / Hour
  • Supports up to 32GB recorded on a Micro SD
  • Operating temperature of 20-70 degree Celsius

Don’t put your Volkswagen or Audi at risk. For absolute peace of mind, install a VAG surveillance camera from VAG Singapore today.

Contact VAG Singapore right away to have your Audi or Volkswagen protected with your own VAG surveillance camera.

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