VAG Titanium Kevlar Brake Pads

VAG Titanium Kevlar brake pads for your Audi or Volkswagen are simply one of the most cost-effective and must-do upgrades you can invest in. As Audi and Volkswagen owners, the impact a set of performance brake pads has on our daily commute is profound. High performance. Low dust. Affordable.

VAG titanium kevlar brake pads provide very high friction co-efficient levels & increased braking performance. By combining the strength of titanium with the bullet-proof toughness of kevlar, your Audi or Volkswagen is assured of maximum stopping power in an emergency situation.

Key Benefits of VAG Titanium Kevlar Brake Pads

  • Increased stopping power – a shorter braking distance in emergencies
  • High friction in both hot or cold conditions
  • Very strong initial rotor bite, providing confidence when stopping
  • Not abbrasive on rotors
  • Long pad life due to the properties of the titanium kevlar compound
  • Virtually dust-free, a significant benefit if you wash your car frequently
  • Quiet operation due to the integrated constrained layered anti-squeal shims
  • Corrosion-resistant black powder-coated finish
  • Highly affordable and cheaper to use over the long run compared to OEM pads
  • Direct fit for almost all OEM applications, no modifications required
  • Includes brake wear indicator if your car is fitted with this feature

VAG brake pads are best matched to a set of VAG cross-drilled or slotted brake rotors, although these are not necessary. We also recommend VAG stainless steel brake lines for a firmer pedal feel and zero hose expansion.

  • How many metres of stopping distance do you need to save before better brakes make sense?
  • How many hours do you spend per year on cleaning wheels covered with greasy brake dust?

Get your VAG brake pads from VAG Singapore today. Export enquiries are welcome.

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