VEEMANN Wheels Singapore

Audi Wheels Veemann

AVANTAGE VAG is proud to be the Singapore importer, distributor for authorised representative of VEEMANN wheels from the UK. Their wheels are designed for Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen fitment, and beautifully designed and very affordable for high quality wheels.

Read on to learn why we think you'll love their wheels!

Beautiful Modern Wheels

VEEMANN wheels come in a variety of modern designs for almost every Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen model on the roads. See which design you like best and VEEMANN will have the right specifications for your car.

Veemann Wheels

Fitment & Colour Options

Colour options (wheel specific)

Available wheel diameters are 18", 19", 20", 21", 22" (wheel specific).

Available wheel widths are 8J to 12J (wheel specific).

Just let us know which design you like best and VEEMANN will have the right specifications for your car.

VEEMANN Wheels Singapore

Concave Designs With Perfect Fitment

VEEMANN wheels are a max-concave design and there are two profiles available.

Standard Concave can be used for front or rear wheels. This design allows maximum clearance for all stock and most aftermarket big brake kits.

Deep Concave is recommended for the rear wheels when you want to convey an even more aggressive stance without any performance sacrifice.

VEEMANN wheels are also designed to maximise brake clearance without annoying wheel rubbing or unhealthy protrusion beyond your car's fenders.

Max Concave Wheels

Clever Barrel Design

A large number of VEEMANN wheels feature a unique VBT One Lip™ inner barrel design with inset valve hole.

One Lip™ removes the need for a second stepped back inner lip found on traditional monoblock wheels. This allows for a cleaner inner barrel that enhances the wheel's aesthetics.

Veemann Wheels with inset valves

Unique valve hole design located on inner barrel.

Veemann wheels with One-Lip technology

Single lip barrel design enhancing wheel sizes and aesthetics.

Certified Quality & Lifetime Structural Warranty

VEEMANN wheels are manufactured in ISO-9001: 2000 facilities and every wheel design is VIA and JWL tested and certified (these are the two most important global wheel certifications).

Veemann wheels VIA JWL

VEEMANN wheels purchased from AVANTAGE VAG are also covered by a lifetime structural guarantee, and VEEMANN also offers an extended warranty against any defect in the finish of the wheels that can be attributed to a manufacturing fault. Kindly note that this guarantee applies only to wheels purchased through an authorised VEEMANN representative.


We're pleased that VEEMANN has optimised their manufacturing processes to the point where they're able to build high quality wheels at good prices. Talk to us about landed prices for your wheels in Singapore - you'll find they're reasonably priced.

BMW Wheels Veemann

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