A Shining Start

Written by John Conrad Lee and sent by email on 31 December 2021

As we end 2021 masked up, wiped down and accustomed to a new normal, we have a $200 gift for you. But first, two words from our hearts.

Thank you.

Thank you for your trust, your kindness and your words of encouragement.


Thank you for allowing us to continue doing what we love - caring for your cars, whatever the make or model.

Thank you for motivating us to continue serving with honesty and professionalism

Car workshop Singapore

Thank you from every member of our team - from the technicians who work on (and under) your car… from the admin team who keeps our company running… and from the service team that you know and trust.

For some among us, you’ve literally been closer than family. Some of our men haven’t been back home for almost two years, and we hope the borders will soon open for them to see their families again.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

A $200 Thank You Gift

As we enter a fresh new year, we’d like to express our appreciation in a most practical way with this special Thank You Gift - only for you because you receive (and read) our emails:

$200 OFF for the first 20 customers who book a nano-ceramic coating package before 25 January 2022. The reduced price will be $599 before tax.

You'll get a top-grade exterior nano-coating for your car which will protect your paintwork with superb water- and dust-repelling properties and bring out an intense, long-lasting shine. When professionally applied by our bodyworks specialists at CarCrafters (carcrafters.sg), this ceramic protection should last for at least two years.

We only have space to accept 20 cars so please book your Shining Start quickly.

Audi RS4 Singapore

Look at the shine on this car which we coated 18 months ago! The owner was so delighted with the quality and workmanship that he sent us this photo just a few weeks ago.

His car is perpetually CNY-ready, all year round. He only washes the car every 2-3 weeks with water and a mild shampoo. Why not get an amazing finish like this for your own car too?

Also, if you're tired of brake dust on your wheels, we’ve received great feedback on our ceramic brake pads - better performance, very little dust, and no noise. The owner of the RS4 in this photo gets by with fewer car washes because his wheels stay shiny for weeks at a time.

Let us know if you’re keen on these high-performance brake pads - or if there’s anything else we can do to get your car in top form for the new year!

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