It’s Their Story

Written by John Conrad Lee and sent by email on 9 September 2021

Behind the thousands of cars that pass through our workshops every year stands a team of hardworking men and women. We'd love to tell you about the countless hours they devote to service and tune your car, but really, theirs is a story of teamwork and camaraderie, pride in their profession, and hard work that supports families back home.


Meet Ernest

Have you met Ernest? He's our Service Manager at AVANTAGE VAG NORTH in Sin Ming, and he personifies the values of honesty, professionalism and service on which our company is built. He leads a team of sturdy men who toil unseen to keep your cars running safe and sound.

Every so often, we’re surprised with an unsolicited word of encouragement.

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Every encouraging word you've written is shared with our team spread across 4 locations - and it keeps them going strong - brave in heart, rugged in arm and tall in stature. Our men have come from faraway towns to earn a living in Singapore, among them devoted husbands, hardworking sons, and fathers who haven't hugged their children in 2 years due to border restrictions.

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As they service your car, tune it for power, and enhance it with upgrades, they do what they can to ensure your safety and hygiene. As they work, they miss and are missed by families so near yet so far, and hope fervently that parents, wives and children are kept safe during their long absence.

That’s why these words you’ve written mean a lot to them.

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We Stand in Salute

A customer walking out of the lift to collect his car took this photo for us, on a typical day for Ernest and team. It reminds us that, just like the hues in a pleasing picture, our service centres are painted with talent of differing but brilliant colours.

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Today, will you join us to salute Ernest and his team of faithful men? Pray for their families back home, and let us together wish them continued strength and good health in the work they do.

We often say with pride that you've graced us with "over 10 years of 5-star reviews", but today, we say simply that AVANTAGE VAG has been built on over 10 years of 5-star men.

We mentioned in this email…

Some inspirational ideas for your car!

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Servicing & Repairs

No car is too complex - or too humble - for us. Whatever the model, we’re always guided by factory-issued diagnostics and invest in genuine factory replacement parts. Every repair is covered by a warranty of up to 2 years if you’re an AVANTAGE Club member.

Performance Tuning

Use our online configurator to see how much extra power and torque you can gain with a simple engine tune-up.

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Be Smart

Bring Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, YouTube and more into your car with our upgrades for your navigation and infotainment system.

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