June Promo and 3 Gorgeous Cars!

Written by John Conrad Lee and sent by email on 2 June 2022

Up to 25% off popular upgrades!

If you're considering upgrades for your car, don't miss our mid-year discounts with up to 25% off engine and gearbox tuning, ceramic coating for your paintwork or wheels, and leather and interior car care!

Promo ends 30 June so hit the button below for details now!

Audi A1 by CarCrafters

This 2021 Audi A1 S line in the colour Chronos grey metallic is one of the hottest superminis on the road today!

Audi A1 by CarCrafters Singapore

The cool young owner wanted it looking fresh and sporty all year round, whatever the weather conditions, so we've given it a high quality coat of ceramic paint protection that will keep it looking sharp for years! Even the sporty film-wrapped black roof was ceramic coated.

Click the button for more pics of this hot little car!

Porsche 911 by CarCrafters

Gorgeous 2013 991.1 Porsche 911 in jet black metallic 2014 ceramic-coated and detailed by CarCrafters.

Porsche 911 by AVANTAGE VAG & CarCrafters Singapore

Also thoughtfully enhanced and upgraded on the inside by AVANTAGE VAG, where only the owner can appreciate!

Honda Type R by CarCrafters

Hugely desirable Honda Civic FD2 Type R in pristine Championship White, ceramic coat by CarCrafters.

Honda Civic FD2 Type R by CarCrafters Singapore

If you have a similar car, you're already a winner! Your car deserves to be refinished by the best in bodywork, so come have a chat with our team at CarCrafters.

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Here’s wishing you safe and happy mid-year holidays, from all of us at AVANTAGE VAG!

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