Your Good Taste Shines Through

Written by John Conrad Lee and sent by email on 3 March 2022

The brilliant gleam of sparkling paintwork speaks of a car owner's discerning taste and glowing success. That's why car dealers apply lavish layers of wax on every car they sell, and why we crave that showroom shine!

But wax is water soluble and requires re-application after every car wash. In 10 years, you'll spend over a thousand hours applying wax to keep that coveted shine!

In today's busy world, an hour saved is an hour earned. How fortunate then, that a nano-ceramic coating applied over your car's paintwork can preserve that new-car shine and save you at least 100 hours of car-waxing per year!

Porsche Taycan by CarCrafters

The owner of this brand-new Porsche Taycan came to our team at CarCrafters right after collecting his car.

Porsche Taycan by CarCrafters

The experienced car owner knew that a nano-ceramic coating would protect his paintwork from fading due to prolonged UV exposure. Even parked outdoors, the car would retain its factory sheen for years.

Owning a Taycan is an awesome experience, and enjoying its gleaming silhouette even on work-from-home days surely completes the experience!

Check out more photos of this lovely car on our Instagram profile!

Audi A3 by CarCrafters

This brand-new Audi A3 in the colour Manhattan Grey carried a deep factory-finished shine but the owner was concerned that the first rains would turn her car dull and nondescript.

Indeed, this unique grey-black colour shines best with an intense gloss, so we applied the same professional ceramic coating the Porsche Taycan received.

Audi A3 by CarCrafters

The discerning lady owner knew that ceramic coatings are 'hydrophopic' and dirty rainwater just beads up and rolls off, making frequent carwashes a simple affair.

Now isn't she lovely? See her up close @avantagevag!

Mercedes-Benz GLE by CarCrafters

The lustrous pearl-effect paintwork of this Mercedes-Benz GLE has been further enhanced with the same professionally-applied ceramic coating.

Mercedes-Benz GLE by CarCrafters

Nano-ceramic coatings prevent acidic contaminants in the air from bonding with your car's paintwork, extending the lifespan of the high quality paints used by premium German manufacturers. A great investment for any treasured car.

Spoken like a boss! More greatness on IG.

Your car's pristine paintwork speaks of eminent success with quiet elegance.

Any car can be restored to like-new glory. Our dedicated team of professionals at CarCrafters will help you restore bodywork, refinish the car in any factory-grade colour of your choice, and protect the new finish with a ceramic coating.

There's nothing like the elegance of lovingly-kept paintwork - even on the muted colours of the cars we've featured here - to let your good taste shine through today!

Let's connect! @avantagevag

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